Windows 10 Duplicate File Finder


The identical file is a serious problem. A deep scan shows you how much space is eaten up by duplicate content, yet with different file names and locations. These records are scattered all over your hard drive, consuming tens of GBs of storage. Your system runs slower due to insufficient storage space for programs. Besides, you daily spend around 20 minutes organizing files and folders.

Your PC starts accumulating these files through various means. Both operating system and user actions have to be blamed. Downloading new files, copying files from someone’s USB flash drive, result into this mess. Besides, when you upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version, your PC moved all old documents and files to system-organized folders resulting into mass duplication.

Download a simple, yet powerful utility software to scan for duplicate files. You’d be surprised to find how many GBs of your hard drive are eaten up by different versions of original files.

Duplicate File Types

  • Documents
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Images, Pictures & Wallpapers
  • Emails
  • Browser Bookmarks

Scan Methods

  • Searches for duplicate files by various means — by content, file name, date of creation
  • Searches for duplicate music files by file tags
  • Searches for duplicate pictures by comparing similarity in images

Scan Locations

  • Scans duplicate files on local hard drive
  • Supports scanning removable medias such as USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive
  • Performs network scan, i.e. cloud contents


  • View all duplicate files information at one place
  • Scan multiple partitions, folders or network drives
  • Quick scanning & accurate results
  • Flexible scan filters, scan options to customize advanced scan (Optional)
  • Delete duplicate files or move them to a new separate folder

Cleaning Up Duplicate Files:

1. Download Duplicate File Cleaner tool from the Internet.

2. In the primary user interface, click the Basic icon and check-up all drives you would like to scan.


3. Click “Scan Now” button.

4. The scan process has now started. Please wait till it finishes.


5. You have now the Scan Results on your screen. All you’ve to do is check-up the box labeled “Select all duplicate files” if you wish to delete all copies. Or you may alternatively review and select some copies to clean.


6. If you wish to move all duplicates to the Recycle Bin, choose “Remove to Recycle Bin” option at bottom left. Besides, there are options to permanently delete duplicates or just move them to a single folder so that you can review them at a later time. Select the option that best suits your needs.

7. Finally, click Delete button.


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