Super-Easy Way to Find Duplicate Documents & Files


Duplicates are unpreventable. They accumulate over time. Identical copies get scattered across various partitions/ folders of your hard disk and consume precious disk space. If you want to search dupes the easy way, there is no better tool than Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker. Let us learn how to find duplicate documents with ease.

Why Clone Files Checker?

  • Search for dupes over home and corporate network
  • Byte-to-byte comparison of files
  • Improves drive indexing speed
  • Decreases the backup interval and size
  • No more inadequate disk space issue and file sync errors
  • A reliable alternative to manual duplicate cleaning
  • Decreases Antivirus scan time
  • Powerful scan engine
  • Supports scanning duplicate music, images, documents, videos and archives
  • Optimizes computer for best performance
  • Amazingly ultra-fast scan with lightening speed
  • Super-easy wizard-based interface
  • Protects your operating system components and program files from accidental deletion
  • Attractive, highly customizable, flexible interface

Find Duplicate Documents Using Powerful Duplicate Finder

  1. Download and install Clone Files Checker.

Click here to download Clone Files Checker.

2. In the main UI, click the System Scan tab.


3. Click the File Search sub-tab.


4. Click the Add button under Select Drive/ Folder.


5. Browse and locate a folder containing your files.

6. Click OK.


7. Select All Files to search for documents, music, images, videos and compressed files altogether. To limit the search for specific file types, select the Custom option, and then check-up respective boxes.


8. To opt out files smaller/ larger than specific file size, set up the file size filters (Optional).


9. Finally, click on Start Search.


10. The scan will take place. It will take some time to display the scan results.


11. After the results are displayed, you’ll have two options: Fix Wizard and Review & Fix.

Fix Wizard

Take a uniform action on all duplicates irrespective of their locations. Simply choose the version of dupes you want to retain and select an action.

1. Click Fix Wizard.

2. Click Newest to retain duplicate copies of original files. Click Oldest to retain the original files.


3. Click Permanent Delete to remove files permanently with/ without backup. Click Move to Folder to move all duplicate data to a folder of your choice.


Review & Fix

Select files of your choice, and then take action.

1. Click Review & Fix.

2. Select a file to view the preview in the right-hand side panel.

3. Check-up all the files manually, or click on Select Duplicates. Choose the type of files you want to retain. Retaining newest files in each group is recommended.


4. Click Select Action.

5. Click either the Permanent Delete or Move to Folder depending on your choice.


Finding Dupes Manually

It can be a long tedious and complicated task. All you have to do is this: Rearrange files in a folder in an ascending manner and identify duplicates.

1. Click the File Explorer icon on your Taskbar.


2. Open the directory containing all your files.

3. Click the View tab on the Ribbon interface.


4. Click Group by, and select Name from the drop-down menu.


5. Click Group by again, select Ascending option.


6. File Explorer will group all files together in ascending manner.

7. Select the duplicate copies of originals. To select files in an orderly manner, use Shift + Click. Use Ctrl + Click to select random files.

8. Press Delete key on your keyboard.


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