Steam.exe has Stopped Working


The Steam client delivers a range of games straightforward to your desktop. Over the past few years, it has been used by worldwide users to download, install and buy new games.

Download Diagnostic

You’re just 3 steps away from fixing this problem…

1. Download and install the Diagnostic

2. Run full scan

3. Perform system clean-up & repair

Estimated download time: 10 Seconds


Reinstall Steam Client

Your Steam installation might be corrupt. One or more installed files are missing, moved or deleted. Reinstalling Steam may fix the problem.

1. Click Start, select Settings.

2. Click System, and then Apps and Features.system-settings

3. Scroll down the installed applications list.

4. Click Steam, and then Uninstall button.


5. Confirm the action, follow the uninstaller wizard and reboot your system.

6. Download Steam setup from here and install the product.

Run Steam into Compatibility Mode

The compatibility options help you run programs built for earlier versions of Windows. Running Steam client in the compatibility mode might significantly help.

1. Right-click the Steam icon on your Desktop, select Properties.


2. Click Compatibility tab.


3. Check-up the box named Run this program in compatibility mode for.


4. Select a previous version of Windows, and then click OK.

Use Compatibility Troubleshooter Wizard

You can, alternatively, run the Compatibility Troubleshooter which troubleshoots the problem using a questionnaire in a wizard-based manner.

1. Right-click the Steam icon, select Troubleshoot compatibility option.


2. Wait a while till your system detects possible issues.


3. If automatic problem detection fails, click Try recommended settings.


4. If recommended settings fail to address your issue, use the latter Troubleshoot program option.

program-compatibility-problem-selectionDelete Corrupted Steam Components

Delete everything in the Steam installation directory except the Steam executable file and the SteamApps folder. Steam will relaunch its first run configurations prompts.

1. Exit the Steam icon in the system tray area of your Taskbar. To do so, click upward arrow; right click Steam, select Exit option.


2. Click the File Explorer icon on your Taskbar.


3. Open the following folder:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\

4. Delete everything except the following two items:

  • …\Steam.exe
  • …\SteamApps\

5. Right click Steam.exe, select Run as administrator.


Reinstall DirectX

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of APIs used in gaming. The DirectX dependencies might have been corrupted, resulting into Steam.exe stopped working error. Visit the Microsoft Download Center and grab the latest DirectX version.

Prevent Antivirus Conflicts

Your Antivirus program could be detecting Steam as a threat or malware. It isn’t uncommon for legitimate applications such as Steam.

Temporarily stop the Antivirus using its system tray icon and try loading Steam again. If the problem fixes, exclude Steam from the real-time scan.

Excluding Steam from Kaspersky Internet Security:

1. Open the Kaspersky Internet Security.

2. Click the Settings icon at bottom left.

3. Click Additional tab.


4. Click Threats and Exclusions.

5. Click the Manage Exclusions link label.


6. Click Add.

7. Click Browse, locate the following executable file:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe


8. Click Add, and then close all open dialogs.

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