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First, let’s understand what WordPress is. At the moment, in order to create your site or be its administrator, It is not necessary to have the education or skills of a programmer. In this case, it is easiest to work with special engines for administration and creation of websites. Such web-complexes are equipped with a pleasant interface and easy to use.

This platform helps to create a quality website, blog or web application. Currently, WordPress is used in 34% of all world’s sites. Also, WordPress provides a special oriented hosting named with free and paid plans.

Designer Features

  • The service has a built-in text editor;
  • Together with the engine you get two beautiful design for the site, which you can change at your discretion. There are also about 1200 themes available to help diversify your website;
  • In the latest versions of the designer there is a photo editor function;
  • You can create your online store, with your marketing plan;
  • You can import text documents with pictures and videos(see below).

How Do I Import Text Documents Into WordPress, And What Is It?

This feature is convenient for those who prefer to write articles in Word, rather than directly on the service. If you are tired of constantly copying and pasting individual passages of text, formatting them in the built-in WordPress editor, this article will be useful to you. You import docx files to WordPress without resetting the formatting.


The reasons why you will need to import docx files to WordPress.

  • Many users prefer to write articles for their site in docx format. Word has built-in spell checking features, templates and styles than WordPress currently can not boast (learn more);
  • You may need older files with the extension .docx that copy and paste can be difficult.

Word to WordPress

In order to start import docx files to WordPress, you need to install the Post DOCX Source plugin, this utility will save most of your time and will transfer the files you need from Word to WordPress, without changing any parameters.


Advantages of the plugin:

  • Fully supports Word formatting;
  • Supports WordPress formulas;
  • Fully supports formatting paragraphs, lists, headings;
  • Doesn’t slow down your site;
  • There is a free version of the plugin, the functions of which are not much different from the paid one.

Using the Post DOCX Source plugin, you can simply download documents prepared in Word and get a fully finished website.

The plugin has a lot of good reviews, a great rating and an excellent support.


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