Searching Duplicate Images has Never Been Easier


Your computer may accumulate duplicates while downloading pictures or transferring them from a removable media to your hard disk. If you have a large collection of image files, you should probably run a duplicate image finder and grab a snack. A reliable duplicate finder will examine each file on your hard disk and reduce the digital junk, make more space for new files.

Manually Searching Dupes Using IrfanView

IrfanView is an image file organizer and converter program. IrfanView enables users to manage their image library. Using its Search Files feature, sort all the files in ascending manner and manually identify the duplicates.

1. Download and install Free IrfanView.

2. Click the File menu, select Search Files. Alternatively, press Ctrl + F keys simultaneously.


3. It opens the Search Files dialog.

4. To search for all duplicate file types, leave the default text *.* into the Filename pattern textbox. To search for specific duplicate image types, use relevant extensions, for example, *.jpg


5. Enter the directory into the Search in (Folder) text box, or click Browse and locate the desired folder.

6. To search for duplicate images into the sub-folders, check-up the box named Search subfolders.

7. To restrict the results and opt out certain files, check-up the checkbox named Date between and insert start and end date in dd-mm-yyyy format.

8. Click the button Start Search to list the folder contents into a list box.


9. Click Sort Files button.


10. In subsequent dialog, select By Name (ascending) pattern.

11. Leave Auto sort file list after insert box checked.


12. Click OK.

13. The program will sort the files list in ascending order.

14. Click the Show in Thumbnails.


15. It opens up the IrfanView Thumbnails dialog.

16. Identify and select all duplicates files. To delete a file, right-click it, select Delete selected files.


Automatically Finding Dupes Using Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is a creative photo editing software with amazing editing capabilities. Though it’s primary task is to view graphics, it supports finding identical copies. It does a superb job of it. With a couple of clicks, you can expect your hard drive to be totally free of junk afterward. Users can either move all duplicates to the Recycle Bin, temporary storage for user deleted files, or a folder of their choice.

1. Download, install and run the Zoner Photo Studio.

2. Expand the Catalog | Folder View | Pictures on the left panel.


3. Click the Menu icon on the upper left.

4. Point to Organize, select Find Duplicate Files.



5. You have a new dialog with a drop-down box and couple of other options.

6. To search duplicates in all partitions of your hard drive(s), select Local Hard Drives. To perform a restricted search, select the special directory or relevant partition, for example, Downloads, Pictures, or Documents.


7. Click Search.

8. Select one of the listed files, and then click Mark all duplicates in this folder and subfolders. (Recommended) To limit the results to the current folder, click Mark all duplicates in this folder.

9. Zoner Photo Studio will automatically check-up duplicate entries.


10. Click Send to Recycle Bin to delete all duplicate items.

11. To move duplicates to another folder, click Move, select the desired folder and click OK.


Automatically Finding Dupes Using Clone Files Checker

Apart from the basic duplicate cleaner in Zoner Photo Studio, Clone Files Checker offers many other interesting features. This handy tool from Sorcim has robust comparison features. It allows users to narrow their searches by file size, file types, directories, and even more. It gives a lot more control and offers the simplistic option.

Prominent Features

  • Matches duplicates across most popular image and other file types
  • File Filtering enables users to opt out files smaller/ larger than a certain size
  • Take One-Click action on duplicates
  • Automatically excludes operating system components, program files during the scan
  • Move dupes to Recycle Bin or move them to a separate folder
  • Automatically creates a comprehensive backup
  • Preview files, export results, copy file details (such as name, path & hash) to the Clipboard
  • Bundled with overwhelmingly great features


1. Download and install Clone Files Checker.

Click here to download Clone Files Checker.

2. Click the System Scan tab.


3. Click on Add, browse and select a directory to scan. You can add multiple drives/ folders/ subfolders.


4. Similarly, you can exclude certain subfolders from the scan (Optional). To do so, click Exclude from Scan tab, click Add and locate those subfolders.


5. Select Custom scan type, and then check-up Images box.


6. To opt out files by their size, use the Ignore files smaller than and Ignore files larger than checkboxes.


7. Click the Start Search and wait till results are gathered.


8. You have two options:


  • Fix-Wizard: Takes uniform action on all duplicates found. You’ll be prompted to select a file version and choose an action.


  • Review & Fix: View results, preview files, export file list, and then take action on all/ a limited number of files. Click Select Duplicates | Retain newest file in each group. To take action, click Select Action, and then choose either Permanent Delete or Move to Folder.


Hope this article helps you searching duplicate images with ease.


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