Run Your Winamp Like Never Before by Removing Duplicate Files


Growing weary of Windows Media Player’s in-your-face ads and loathsome Microsoft-file-format bias? Use Nullsoft’s Winamp.

It’s an all-time favorite, versatile media player that doesn’t bug you with ads and irrelevant garbage. Two innovative Winamp’s features stand out:

Winamp Remote (which lets you use a Web browser anywhere to create your list of music files on your PC and stream them to your current location) and Winamp Dashboard (it helps you locate music that you might want to play and keep on top of improvements).

But what would happen if your Winamp leaves dupes in every corner of your system? And even after you’ve tried several times to remove them, you end up running low on hard drive space. You can’t even instruct Winamp to show all duplicates. It hasn’t reached that far (not yet, anyway). What a mess!

You Need a Third-Party De-Duplicator To Find Winamp Duplicate Files

De-Duplicators clear out various duplicate files that do nothing but take up space on your drive. Take it as a wild guess: Not all third-party de-duplicators are trustworthy. Traditional ones simply don’t work, and there’s always a risk involved in removing your files that you need. Here’s why:

  1.    Some files have the same name but are not the same.
  2.    Some of the same named files are different versions of a dynamic link library, and these duplicates can cause system problems
  3.    Others are space wasters—equal in size and contents but appear with different names.

Cut the Clutter with Clone Files Checker!

Try Clone Files Checker to search Winamp duplicate files.

CFC ferrets out all kinds of duplicate files from your system. With CFC, you’ll have spotlessly clean Windows.

It includes a one-of-its-own-kind clean-up wizard that guides you all the way through the all-time-complex processes of removing duplicates.

Winamp duplicate files

All you have to do is to:

1. Search Music (encircled)—this option comes in handy in that it searches all your files with the Album, Artist, Title, etc. and File Content matches the content if any music file is missing.

2. Click Add—you can add as many files as you want to scan.

3. Hit Start Search.


4. It shows you all space-waster duplicates.

5. Hit Select Duplicates.

6. Here you go! Choose to delete or move files. Make your choice.


7. Now reclaim gigabytes of your space and better system performance!

Hope this article helps you eliminate Winamp duplicate files.


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