Renaming Files Stored on cPanel


cPanel offers incredible features, a graphical interface with automation tools to manage your multiple websites, files, and databases. However, there is no known feature to bulk rename multiple files stored on the cloud server. Here’s an incredible technique useful for both personal and organizational users. Read on.

Why Easy File Renamer?

  • Add numerical sequence to file names
  • Specify a character position and insert/ delete text
  • Change filename case (CAPITALIZE, lower case or Sentence case options)
  • Instant file name preview
  • Search and replace text from file names
  • Add artist, genre, track, album & composer into file names
  • Insert date-time stamps
  • Customize the filters
  • Tweak & enhance file renaming task by changing program options (for power users)

Free Download Easy File Renamer

Estimated download time: 10-15 Seconds

How to Bulk Rename Files Stored on cPanel?

1. Download FileZilla, a free cross-platform File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.
2. Enter your cPanel login details.

ftp-login-details3. Establish a connection to the server by clicking Quickconnect.
4. Create a new folder on your Desktop. (Left panel)


5. In the right panel, go the parent directory on the server that contains your files.

5. Drag and drop the folder from server to PC. It will start the file transfer process.

ftp-file-transfer6. Wait till data transfer operation is successful.


7. After successful completion, run the Easy File Renamer that you already downloaded above.
8. Choose renaming criteria and rename the files with One-Click.
9. Delete old files from the server and upload newly renamed files.


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