Renaming Files is Easier than you think


Imagine, you back from a long vacation and sit back on the computer to transfer photos. You found that the photos collection on your digital camera is messed up with weird file names, such as DGCAM0001.jpeg, DG06112016.jpeg. Worry not; we’re here to help you make the file names shorter and friendlier. Read on.

Using Windows PowerShell

Many casual users are aware of Command Prompt, a command-line utility from Microsoft. Windows PowerShell is much more advanced version. It comes with a set of more powerful commands and operations for the pro-users. With a better understanding of its basic functioning, you can automate the task of bulk renaming your photographs.

1. Connect the digital camera to your PC and copy all files into a single folder. Say, …\Desktop\RenameMe


2. Click Start.

3. Expand the Windows PowerShell folder.

4. Open the Windows PowerShell program shortcut.


5. Change the active directory to the folder that contains your files.

  • CD C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\RenameMe

6. Use one of the following commands:

a. To rename file extensions from BMP to PNG:

rename-file-extensions-using-powershellb. Add a random number at the end of each PNG file:


Using File Renaming Tools

Even if you don’t run the newest version of Windows, you can use a third party file renaming tool, such as Sorcim’s Easy File Renamer. It automates the task with pre-defined renaming criteria/ patterns. You don’t need to have programming knowledge/ background; just select a flexible renaming pattern and get the job done! It just eliminates the need to go through each file. Interestingly, Easy File Renamer supports cloud-integration, meaning even if your documents, images, music or other files are stored on Microsoft or Google’s servers online, you don’t need to download and re-upload them. It works at lightening speed, takes the pain of organizing your files library. The app is filled with interesting features that you’d love to check out, plus it retrieves file tags & other information from File Properties dialog to use for renaming. If you don’t want to mess up with your system, Easy File Renamer is a better choice.

Free Download Easy File Renamer

Estimated download time: 10-15 Seconds

Pre-defined Renaming Patterns

  • Change file extensions (rename TXT file names as RTF, and vice versa)
  • Insert date/ time into your files
  • Trim spaces
  • Insert random nos
  • Delete text starting from character X
  • Change the case of your filenames (UPPER, lower & Sentence case)
  • Change date format (from DD-MM-YY.jpeg to MM-DD-YY.jpeg)
  • And much more!!

Sit back and have a cup of copy till Easy File Renamer bulk renames tens of thousands of your files!


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