Rename WinSCP Files Easily and Quickly

Users of the WinSCP clients often run into problems because of files in a total disarray both on the local and the remote server. Organizing all your files and properly naming them before you transfer them can reduce this problem to a great deal, but going through each file on your own would be a very hectic task. This is where you need an automated solution to tackle the problem of renaming files in bulk.

An efficient method of doing this is using Easy File Renamer to rename multiple WinSCP files at once. A very lightweight software, available for all versions of Microsoft Windows with a very easy to use interface, it can get the job done without requiring much effort from the user.

Get Easy File Renamer

Download Easy File Renamer from it’s official website and execute the setup file to install it. Next, follow these steps to rename WinSCP files easily.

Step 1: Add Files

Add WinSCP files to the Easy file Renamer interface by clicking the Add Files button. Select all the files you want to rename. You can even add files from multiple directories for a single renaming run.

Adding files to Easy File Renamer
Adding Files

Step 2: Select the Renaming Rules

From the plenty of naming rules available in the drop-down menu, you can choose the ones which fit best to your renaming needs. After you have selected a rule, fill in the relevant field, and click the Add Rule button below to add it to the queue of renaming rules. All the rules you have added will be visible in the Applied Rules rules panel on the bottom left of the display.

Choose renaming rules
Choose Renaming Rules

You can also check the preview of file names in the New Name column to check if they are being renamed exactly how you want them to. If you need to make any changes, click the red cross in front of that rule in the Applied Rules section and then apply that rule from scratch.

Renaming rules
Renaming Rules

Step 3: Rename the WinSCP Files

Once you’re satisfied with all the necessary rules, you can now click the Rename button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now all the selected WinSCP files will be renamed within moments.

Perform renaming task
Perform Renaming Task

Rename Files Using the File Explorer

Another solution to rename WinSCP files is to use the File Explorer. This method is not as robust and rich in features for renaming files, but is handy if you want to rename a limited number of files.

Method 1

Navigate to the file in the File Explorer and then right-click the file. Choose the Rename option and enter the name you want to allot to the file. Hit the Enter key to save the changes.

File rename option
File Rename Option

Method 2

The other method is to use the Rename option from the ribbon interface of the File Explorer. You need to select the file you want to rename and then simply click Rename. Type in the new name and press Enter to save.

Rename icon on Ribbon
Rename Icon On Ribbon

You can also select multiple files present in the same directory. Select all of the files and then click Rename. Now type in the new file name, and all the selected files will be renamed with a numeric suffix in parenthesis.

Specifying new names
Specifying New Names

These manual methods help perform basic level renaming on a limited number of files. If you want to perform advanced renaming operations on a large number of files, your best bet is Easy File Renamer.


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