Rename Multiple Photos At Once By Adding Single or More Numbers

We often capture images and carry out photoshoots with our friends and family members, using our smartphones or professional cameras. In spite of the image-quality being top-notch, you cannot avoid ending up with dozens of files with convoluted names. This makes it really difficult to identify which file is which and therefore, you might end up spending a lot of time searching for the right photo. You do not need to worry anymore as we are going to share some handy tips to rename multiple photos at once, only by adding a single letter.

Renaming using F2 Key

The most popular renaming technique is offered by Windows itself. It has been with Windows since its inception and the same stands for Windows 10 as well. To rename multiple photos, you will need to do the following:

  • Locate the photos you wish to rename
  • If the images are distributed amongst folders, organize them first
  • Look for images in the smartphone or camera gallery
  • Select the files you wish to rename
  • Press F2 key and rename multiple photos using a single letter
  • Each file will be given a number to make it unique compared to the other 

Renaming using Easy File Renamer

Perhaps, the best way to rename multiple photos is using a third-party application like Easy File Renamer. Easy File Renamer is an excellent tool when it comes to offering several ways to rename your files and single or more letters to the filenames. Be it an audio file, video file, image or a document, this application works efficiently and renames your files within seconds. 

To do this:

  • Visit and download the application
  • Once the application has been downloaded, launch it
  • The user-friendly interface of Easy File Renamer offers several renaming features. You could also select files or folders that contain photos for renaming.
Easy File Renamer
  • If you have audio files to rename, visit the ‘Music Fixer’ section. Furthermore, you could create an account on Cloud File Renamer using the Cloud Renamer tab and then easily rename the cloud files. Select the folder that contains the photos and click ‘Ok’
Browse Folder
  • Easy File Renamer will upload all images and photos within seconds
  • By default, every photo or image will be pre-selected. If you wish to select manually, simply uncheck the selection boxes. 
Files Selection
  • Once you have selected the photos you wish to rename, proceed to select ‘Renaming Rule’
  • Select the Prefix or Suffix option before adding a letter. Moreover, you could also add numbers as you can see in the options. In addition to that, the ‘Insert At’ option also allows you to add/insert a single letter. Simply select the ‘Insert At’ rule and select where you wish to insert the letter.
Choose Renaming Pattern
  • Once you select the Prefix option, you will be provided the option of adding letters to the root or extension of the photos. By selecting ‘Root’, you will be adding a letter or a number to the actual filename. Whereas, an extension will add a letter or a number at the end. However, it needs to be noted that editing the extension might corrupt the file. Therefore, users shall rename files at their own risk. 
  • Insert the Prefix and Click ‘Add Rule’. Easy File Renamer will show the  preview for the filenames under the new name column.
  • If you are satisfied with the changes, click ‘Rename’ located at the bottom to permanently rename photos


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