Remove Duplicate Libraries in Windows 10


The impressive thing about the recent versions of Windows is the ability to group the important files into various categories, and also keep them together without actually having in the same place, and for that Windows uses this special folder known as the Library. The groups in the main Library are known as Libraries. By default, there are Camera Roll, Documents, Music, Pictures, Saved Pictures & Videos as Library folders. The different between the traditional groups in My Computer and the Library groups is the Library group can contain various scattered folders whereas the traditional groups in my computer can only link with one folder. However, sometimes due to various reasons duplicate folders of the same Library category may appear, and this tutorial guides how to remove them in a convenient way.


If you’re dealing with duplicate Library, files, photos and songs in your Windows 10, consider using the IBM approved software, Clone Files Checker. It will deduplicate your Windows 10 Libraries effortlessly. Download it here.

Solution 1: Restore Default Libraries

This step doesn’t necessarily remove duplicate libraries but restores the removed libraries just in case if the default libraries get removed. This step is necessary to do, as it makes sure default libraries are there before removing the duplicate libraries.

1. Locate the yellow cover icon known as the File Explorer on the Taskbar.


2. Rightclick on the selection menu, and select File Explorer.


3. Locate the Library folder in the navigation pane.


4. If the Navigation Pane isn’t present, click on the View tab which is in the same row as the file highlighted in blue right above the Address Bar.

5. Open the Navigation Pane as seen in the screenshot.


6. When the Libraries folder is present along with the Navigation Pane, locate it, rightclick it and select Restore default libraries to restore the original unmodified libraries back to the user profile.


Solution 2: Delete and Restore Defaults

This method is quite successful with the combination of Solution 1. It removes all the existing Libraries and restores the default libraries back. In case there are duplicate libraries, Windows will remove them and bring back the default libraries with the restoration process.

1. Navigate to the following local folder: %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries


2. Select all the Libraries by pressing Ctrl + A simultaneously.


3. Press Del key to delete all the selected libraries from the libraries repository.

4. Now follow Solution 1 to restore the default libraries.

Solution 3: Restore Default Libraries with Registry

This step does something similar to Solution 1 but with the Windows Registry. The steps are quite straightforward and require Administrative access.

1. Download this Registry file from a third party website.


2. Once you download the file, rightclick on it and select Merge.


3. Select Yes to proceed to submit the given registry entries into the Windows Registry.



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