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Outlines Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use that visitors must agree to and should acknowledge while using


The website owner and administrator reserves the right to revise and amend the Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use, at any time, without formal notification.

He does so to deliver the best browsing experience to users, and to control and protect the user‘s information.

I. Terms Of Use


No copying or distribution of the content in any form is permitted except with the prior written permission of the author.


All trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos and other references herein belong to their respective companies or organizations.

These companies or organizations have no control over the information published on this website. In no way, they are responsible for any claims made on this website.

Authenticity Of The Information

All articles published on this website, including recommendations, are taken entirely at your risk.

The website owner cannot be held responsible for your actions or what you do with my articles and/ or recommendations.

Follow my articles entirely at your own risk using your knowledge, best judgement, experience and opinion of merits.

If you are unaware of any technical aspects or unsure about outcomes arising out of certain circumstances, I highly recommend you to consult your local computer technician before taking any action.

I try my best to authenticate the accuracy of the technical information published in all of my articles, but in no case, I take responsibility of any kind.

DO NOT follow any steps or take action based on my articles, recommendations, if you do not agree with these Terms Of Use.


A. Information Published in Comments:

Refrain from posting personal, financial or any information you consider being private in nature, into the comments section.

I do not have the time or resources to edit comments that may contain private information.

You are solely responsible for what you post in your comments, and in no way, I can be held responsible for any loss, any damage that you may suffer for posting confidential information in your comments.

B. Right to Reuse Comments:

By posting comments — which are publicly visible to all visitors by their nature, you grant me the permission and unrestricted right to publish, copy or reuse those comments in other websites, newsletters, testimonials and other sorts of publications.

C. Right to Remove Comments:

I reserve the right to delete any comments, at any time, for any reason; including but not limited to, comments that may contain spam links or irrelevant information, comments that make personal attacks, threats or promote violence towards people, communities or organizations.

I assume no responsibility for statements made by users in their comments or any offence readers of these observations might take.

I do my best to delete offensive and inappropriate comments and/ or ban such users, but in no way, I warrant that I’ll delete or agree to delete what might be claimed as “offensive” or “inappropriate” by an individual, community or organization.

Third Party Websites, Products & Services

Reference Links” are provided to external sources — such as websites and blogs — wherever required in articles.

I try my best to give links to only high-quality, trustworthy and secure sources having a strong reputation and brand, such as, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, just to name a few.

In a majority of the cases, I refer only those websites that have a Secured SSL Certificate (websites starting with https), and preferably, an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Green Bar to ensure the legitimacy of the business and encryption of user’s confidential information. I also prefer websites that have globally recognized Antivirus Trust Seals.

However, there are certain situations when I am compelled to refer to websites that may not comply with the above security parameters or standards. But again, these are rare cases and I try my best to avoid referring to such websites.

It is up to you whether to click on any reference links given on this website and navigate to third-party websites and/ or download or use their products and services.

Please be advised to be very careful about what you pay attention to on third-party websites (for example, ads, banners), what information you fill-up (for example, name, address, banking, credit card details), what links/ buttons you click upon, the kind of files you download, and the products you choose to purchase.

When you click on a link referring to third-party websites, these companies may use tracking services, cookies and/ or any other means to collect your information. They may collect your non-personal and/ or personally identifiable information. To learn more about the nature of the data collected by these websites, please refer to their respective Privacy Policy.

There are situations when you click on links to third-party websites and buy their products or subscribe to their services, I might derive financial benefits from those trackable affiliate links. I may be paid a fixed per cent commission of the total sale amount. Rest assured, the whole procedure does not impact the price of the end product, and you won‘t be charged more to compensate my commission. I may also be paid by pay-per-click advertising companies, for the clicks and/ or ad impressions generated with the use of advertisements (such as text and display ads, in-article ads, banners, pop-ups) published on my website and/ or automatically loaded through any other means.

If you are unsure about the safety or legitimacy of these third-party websites, immediately exit those websites, and delete your browser’s cache, cookies, and permanently remove any files downloaded from these websites. Uninstall any software downloaded from these sources and run a full Antivirus scan with the latest virus definitions to ensure your system is always protected from viruses, malware and other threats.

I have no control over the data collected by these websites, and in no way, I assume the responsibility of any kind. I cannot warrant the legitimacy, authenticity of any third-party websites or authenticity of any claims they have made on their websites. I cannot be held responsible for any losses, frauds, damages, breach of trust, misuse, privacy violations or any other troubles arising out of the use of third-party websites, products or services. Use them entirely at your own risk.

II. Privacy Policy

Email Newsletters

I hate spams more than you do! I DO NOT share or sell your personal information to third parties or derive benefits from it. I do not intend to fill your Inbox with junk emails.

Visitors Tracking & Analytics

I may use third-party visitors tracking services to track and retain non-personal information about the visitors.

This includes but not limited to unique visits, pages viewed, location (country & city), languages, the device used to access the website (Windows PC, Mac, Android, tablet, iPhone or other), and technical information (screen resolution, browser).

These third-party services do not collect personally identifiable information about any visitors.


This website may store Cookies on your device.

Cookies are short lines of text containing non-personal, non-identifiable information.

These tiny files provide a better experience and efficiently execute core and non-core website functionalities.

A Cookie may contain private information only when you insert it into a text field or select through forms or command buttons.

Typically, this information is stored in an unreadable form so that third-party websites and software applications cannot access it.

A cookie may last on your computer for up to 120 days.

Please be informed that the website never scans your computer to retrieve any information.