Privacy Policy, Terms of Use

Last updated on: 4 January, 2017

Outlines website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that visitors must agree to and should acknowledge while using


Vikas Ajit Medhekar, the website owner, and administrator reserves the right to revise or amend the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, at any time, without formal notification. We do so to control the information better and protect information of the users.

Authenticity of the Information

All articles published on this website, including recommendations, are taken entirely at your risk. I cannot be held responsible for your actions or what you do with my articles and recommendations. Perform the steps only at your risk using your judgement, knowledge, experience and opinion of its merits.

I try my best to authenticate the accuracy of technical information published in articles, but in no case, I take responsibility of any kind.


  • Information Published in Comments: Refrain from posting personal, financial or any information you consider to be private in nature, into the comments.
  • Right to Reuse Comments: By posting comments — which are publicly visible to all visitors by their nature, you grant me permission and unrestricted right to publish, copy or reuse that comments in other websites, newsletters, testimonials and other sorts of publications.
  • Right to Remove Comments: I reserve the right to delete any comment, at any time, for any reason; including but not limited to, spam comments, comments with irrelevant text, comments containing personal attacks, threats or abuses to people, communities or organizations.
  • Right to Amend Comments: Comments may be edited to remove spam, inappropriate or offensive content, private information, as needed before publication.
  • Offensive & Inappropriate Comments: I assume no responsibility for statements made in comments or any offense that might be taken by readers of these observations. I do my best to clean-up my website by deleting spam, offensive and inappropriate comments but I cannot guarantee reviewing accuracy, the authenticity of each and every comment. In no case, I warrant that I’ll delete or agree to remove what might be claimed as “offensive” or “inappropriate” by someone.

Email Newsletters

I hate spams as much as you do or probably more than that! It is not my intention to share or sell your information to third parties and to derive benefits, nor I want to fill up your inbox with tons of junk emails. When a visitor subscribes to email newsletter, the only information I retain is your email id, Internet Protocol (IP) Address, subscription date-time, and so on.

Web Tracking

I use web tracking services to improve your experience on our website. I may retain some information about the visitors, including but not limited to, IP Address, Location (country & city), language, pages visited, the number of visits, visitor type (new or recurring), the device used (PC, iPhone or mobile) and so on.


“Reference Links” are provided to external sources — such as websites and blogs — wherever required in articles. I try my best to give links to only trustworthy, well-recognized sources having strong reputation and brands — for example, Microsoft. However, I cannot be held responsible for any losses, claims, breach of trust, violation of privacy or information — whether personal or financial, arising from the use of third-party websites, products and services. It is up to you whether to use them or not. You are ultimately accountable for what you do with the links. You’ve to be very careful about what you buy or choose to pay attention to.

Third party companies often use web tracking services, cookies and other means to collect visitors data. To learn more about this practice, go through their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

I might derive financial benefit from “Affiliate Links” redirected to third party products. I may be paid a commission — fixed percent of total sales amount — for products purchased through my website. I hereby clarify that these affiliate links do not affect the price end users pay. I may also be paid by pay-per-click advertising companies, for the clicks and ad impressions generated with the use of “Advertising Links,” “Banners” and “Pop-Up Ads,” published on my website or automatically opened by my site with the use of Java Scripts or any other means. The advertising companies may collect visitor data — such as IP Address, location, language, device — to serve products of best interest and relevant to you. They may show ads randomly or in any prescribed manner by tracking browsing history; content published on the webpage, data retrieved from cookies; although it may be possible to opt out of the use of web cookies. I have very least or almost no control on the quality or fairness of advertisement.