Plex Movies Lag: Here is Guide to Fix it


The popular online contents streaming solution, Plex, is renowned for offering high definition video streaming to its users by making use of several transcoding features. Even though Plex incorporates various transcoding features to improve the streaming experience, users can still be heard complaining about Plex Movies Lag they encounter while streaming content. Here are a few tricks you can try out to resolve this issue.


To let Plex run at its peak performance, you must clean up system junk, optimize internet and system settings, and fix computer services that clog your PC’s performance.

Speed up Plex in Windows PCs

Upgrade the TV Software

Updating the TV software results in a further improvement in the streaming speed as well as making available any recently rolled out updates.

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Now select General | Update Software.
  3. Initiate the download and subsequently move on to the installation phase.

Reinstall Now TV App To Fix Plex Movies Lag

Reinstalling the NowTV app can also help in combatting the Plex lag issue.

  1. Launch PS3 XMB and select TV/ Video Services.
  2. Now select Now TV app from the list of services provided.
  3. Press the Triangle icon, select Delete and restart your device.
  4. Go back to the TV/ Video Services section in PS3 XMB.
  5. Choose My Channels and once again download Now TV app.

Delete Now TV App Data

Your device is continuously dealing with piles of data while you’re streaming movies or any other kind of content. This data keeps on adding up and might go corrupt at times. Deleting the corrupt data can also help in solving the lags faced by Plex.

  1. Open PS3 XMB and select Game | Game Data Utility.
  2. Now select NOW TV Data.
  3. Press the Triangle icon and select Delete.

Here is another method to delete Now TV app data.

  1. Open Settings | System Storage Management.
  2. Select Application Saved Data.
  3. Now from System Storage category, select Saved Data.
  4. Finally, select NOW TV | Options | Delete.

Change Direct Streaming Settings

Change a few advanced configurations in Plex and switch off unsupported features to bring about tangible improvement in your streaming experience.

  1. Go Options | Settings | Advanced.
  2. Disable both Direct Stream and Direct Play features.
  3. Hit the Home x5, Rewind x3 and Fast Forward x2 buttons in a sequence.
  4. Finally, select Automatic from the new options that you get.

Turn Off Network Discovery

Network Discovery basically gathers information about all the devices connected to a network. This feature might well be the reason behind the adverse performance of Plex.

  1. Navigate to Options | Settings | System.
  2. Select Network Discovery and turn it off.

Configure TCP/ IP

TCP/ IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. Tinker with their settings so that the changes result in best Plex results.

  1. In the Main Menu, select Settings | General | Network.
  2. Choose Configure TCP/ IP.
  3. From the Network Setup page, select Automatically.
  4. Reboot both the TV and the router.

Change Local Network Quality

Setting up a higher video quality results in a better transmission rate, hence a better streaming experience.

  1. Launch the Plex application and jump to Options.
  2. Select Settings | Video.
  3. In the Quality over the local network area, select the Maximum level.

Get a Wired Connection

Wireless connections are always slow and less secure when compared to their wired compatriots. Getting a wired connection means you make the most of your Internet connection and resultantly, your Plex streaming experience will also improve.

  1. In the main menu, select Settings | Network Settings | Internet Connection Settings.
  2. Now select the Easy Mode, and then select Wired Connection.
  3. Finally, click Test Connection.

Check the Signal Strength

Don’t forget to make sure that your TV is well within the signal range of the Internet router, and that there aren’t any objects between them that act as a hindrance. Follow these steps to check the signal strength:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu and then select Settings.
  2. Select General | About.
  3. Take a detailed look at the signal strength.


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