Paint Shop Pro Photo Renaming

If you are a photographer or a person who works with image files in bulk, then you know the hassle and stress they offer. Editing thousands of image files doesn’t only consume a lot of your precious time but also lots of storage space from your computer system, which ultimately results in making your computer system very slow in performance. Rest assured, as we got the perfect solution for all of your image-related problems whether it’s editing or renaming them here with us in the form of Paint shop pro photo renaming tool.

Introduction to Paint shop pro Photo Renaming tool.

Paint shop pro photo renaming is a powerful editing tool which can perform mass edit command on thousands of photos with just one click. Yes, you heard it right, with just one click you can implement mass edit renaming command or editing command on all of the photos in your computer system. Now you don’t have to edit all of those bulky photos one by one, just edit one photo and you have the option of implementing those changes to all of the pictures in your hard drive. A very light and easy user interface makes the paint shop pro photo renaming tool very user-friendly, even a person who doesn’t know much about computers can run the process easily.

Step by Step working of Paint shop Pro Photo Renaming tool

  1. Download Paint shop Pro Photo Renaming software into your computer system, taking around just 6MB space it doesn’t consume much space from your storage nor is it a really bulky software that will make your computer system slow. Despite being very light and user-friendly software it is the best in the market.
  1. Install Paint Shop pro Photo renaming tool and run it on your computer system. (You have the option here whether you want the 32bit version or 64bit version for yourself).
  1. After opening Paint shop Pro, click on files and go to the batch process near the bottom and click on it.

In the Batch process, click on “Add” in the Add Photos page and select the images on which you want to perform editing, and click the “Next” button.

In the next Batch Actions page, you have multiple options to select from, for instance, what kind of editing you want to perform on the pictures whether it is:

  • Adding information
  • Adding Watermark on them
  • Performing resizing function
  • Scripts
  • Adding Picture frames
  • Smart edit or auto edit and click the next button.

On the final page of Output Settings, you have to select your desired results which includes

  • The destination for your edited files to be saved.
  • Whether you want to place a watermark on them.
  • Renaming files
  • Removing duplicates
  • Removing EXIF destination and Metadata which will remove the GPS location from them and selecting the file type if you want to convert your pictures into another file type.
  • Adding sequence

You also have the option of keeping your original files totally separate in another folder, after selecting your desired results just click on “Start” and before you know it everything is in order and beautifully arranged.

Easy File Renamer

Just like the Paint shop pro Photo renaming tool, Easy file Renamer is another splendid software developed by Sorcim Technologies. It is a very powerful tool that can perform all of the editing and renaming functions you desired in a matter of a couple of minutes. Whether you want to edit photos, text files, Mp3 files, or even folders, Easy file Renamer got you covered in every way. Whether you want to perform a mass edit function on your computer files or files on your cloud storage like OneDrive, Easy file Renamer will greet you with a job well done. It’s a very light and powerful software with a great user interface hence very easy to use.

3 Simple Steps to Use Easy File Renamer

  • Just select the files you want to edit.
  • Follow the rules, i.e. whether you want to apply multiple renaming or sequence, etc.
  • Apply the rules and reap your desired results with 100% accuracy.

Easy file Renamer doesn’t only save you lots of time but tons of money as well and with its extraordinary mass range of functions it is the best renaming tool available in the market.


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