Microsoft Word has Stopped Working on Windows 10


Microsoft Office Word is known for its clean interface and the ability to create polished, professional-looking documents. The program, which comes with impressive features and well designed Ribbon interface, at times, unexpectedly closes with the following error:

Microsoft Word has stopped working

Download Diagnostic

You’re just 3 steps away from automatically fixing this problem….

  1. Download and install Diagnostic
  2. Perform driver update.
  3. Restart your computer.

Estimated Download Time: 10 Seconds

Start Word as Administrator

Microsoft Office Word may be trying to retrieve information from the Registry or files without sufficient system privileges. You need to grant required administrative permissions to perform the corresponding function successfully.


  1. Click Start.
  2. Expand Microsoft Office.
  3. Right-click Microsoft Office Word, choose More | Run as administrator.

Download Latest Updates

You need to download all available updates to fix internal bugs that cause MS Word to stop responding.

1. Click Start, select Settings.


2. Click Update and Security icon.


3. Click Windows Update | Check for Updates.


Run Word in Safe Mode

When you run an Office program in safe mode, a diagnostic feature, it disables loading of components that potentially cause it to stop responding.

Microsoft Word has stopped working

  1. Press Windows Key + X; select Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. Execute below command:
  • winword /safe

Disable Add-Ins

Determine whether the problem is caused by Non-Microsoft add-ins installed by other software installed on your PC. Word crashes when some of the add-ins are incompatible/ faulty. Hopefully, disabling problematic add-ins might fix Microsoft Word has stopped working error.

1. Click the File menu icon.


2. Click Options.


3. Click Add-Ins tab.


4. Click Go.


5. Uncheck all add-ins displayed in the list, and then click OK.


6. Close and re-open Microsoft Office Word.

Repair Office Installation

If it is a problem with the installation files, the setup bootstrapper will automatically diagnose it. Run the repair utility as shown below:

1. Click Start, select the Settings icon.

2. Click System icon.

3. Click Apps & Features tab.


4. Select Microsoft Office from the list of installed programs.

5. Click Modify.


6. Select Repair option in the Change your installation of Microsoft Office page.

7. Click Continue.


Change Default Printer To Fix Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working Error

If you’re encountering Microsoft Word has stopped responding error in Windows 10 after changing the default printer, revert it.

1. Press Windows Key + X; choose Control Panel.

2. Click Hardware and Sound | Devices and Printers.


3. Under Printers category, right click a non-default printer, say, Microsoft Print to PDF, and select Set as default printer.

Solution to Word has stopped working