Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac Runs Slow


Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac enables creating professional-looking, polished documents. The new version which is thoroughly designed for Mac users includes lot more things and tons of new features. The problem arises when it becomes too slow, and you spend more time for the app to respond than actually working on it.

Remove Duplicates, Logs and Other Junk Files

Using the One-Click feature, wipe out years of unnecessary files, identical copies of your downloads, system & application logs, browser history and other temporary files.


Periodically Reboot your MacBook

If you are keeping your MacBook turned on for a whole day, experts recommend rebooting it twice or thrice at least. When you restart the laptop, your operating system flushes out processes and data held in the computer memory (RAM).

Check out Background Activities

Using the right tools such as Activity  Monitor, evaluate processes in real time. Quit the background activities that are consuming higher CPU usage. Click the X icon to stop a process.

Brush Up your Hard Disk

Lighten the load on your Mac by removing the files that you don’t need. Keep it in mind: More the files, lesser will be the space for the operating system to store and manage temporarily needed files.

Effectively Organize Startups

Your Mac loads plenty of startup items, and they keep running in background whole time you are on your MacBook. It consumes a lot of system memory and resources.

Be Updated

Download latest Mac version to enhance its performance. Apple releases a new version every year and so.

We hope that these little tweaks will make a lot of effects and lighten your Mac. Were they pretty complicated, eh? Feel free to comment.


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