Microsoft Office 365 Duplicates


Microsoft Office 365 is an over-the-Internet, i.e. cloud-integrated package of Microsoft Office programs. Office 365, which comes with subscription-based plans, provides access to your favorite Office programs such as Word, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and others.

1. Download Clone Files Checker from the Internet.

Click here to start Clone Files Checker download.

2. Download all Microsoft Office 365 documents to your local PC. Save them into a single folder and name it My Cloud Docs.


3. Open the newly downloaded Clone Files Checker from the Start Screen shortcut.


4. Click the Add button, locate the newly created My Cloud Docs folder. Click OK.


5. Select Custom option.


6. Check-up the Documents box.

7. You might also want to set a lower and upper limit as part of your scan criteria. (Optional)


8. Click the Start Search button.


9. After a while, results will be displayed on your screen similar to amount of space occupied by dupes, no of files. As in my case, total 154 records were found holding 106 MB.

10. Click Fix Wizard to take joint action on all files. Click Review & Fix to show results in the main window and make a decision on specific data.

11. After clicking Fix Wizard, the new page prompts you to select a file version to retain. Click Newest.


12. Now select an action: Permanent Delete your files, or Move to Folder.


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