Launch Error: Failed to Start the Game


A game might fail to load when you patch it when the game files are already open. Lack of sufficient hardware and dependencies are among the most common reasons.

Download Diagnostic

You’re just 3 steps away from fixing this problem…

1. Download and install the Diagnostic

2. Run full scan

3. Perform system clean-up & repair

Estimated download time: 10 Seconds


Add New Hardware

If you’re having the problem loading a game, there is a possibility that you do not have sufficient hardware components. Refer the ReadMe file or visit manufacturer’s website to check for support information.

Repair the Game Installation

The setup verifies and overwrites problematic program components and files with their original versions.

1. Press Windows Key + X; select the Programs and Features.


2. Right-click a game which fails to open.

3. Select the Repair option.


4. Confirm the action when you’re asked to do so.

5. Reboot your machine for the changes to take effects.

Note: If the repair option does not found, use the Uninstall option.

Install DirectX

Microsoft DirectX’s ability to utilize multiple CPUs and GPUs has compelled game manufacturers to adopt its APIs. A DirectX-dependent game might fail when the DirectX does not found. Installing DirectX might solve the problem. Visit the Microsoft DirectX download page.

Install Visual C++ Redistributable

When a game uses standard libraries, a collection of prewritten codes for the use of programmers, users need to install corresponding redistributable package for the game to run smoothly. Microsoft distributes such APIs in the form of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package. These too are classified into various versions. You might want to refer the ReadMe file of the game you’re trying to run and install the appropriate Visual C++ Redistributable package. You may find this file at the root of the game installation disc or on the manufacturer’s website.

Use Compatibility Mode

Has your game worked well with an earlier Windows version? You might want to try loading it again in the compatibility mode, a technology that disables features that conflict with newer Windows version.

1. Right click the game icon on your Desktop; select the Troubleshoot compatibility option.


2. Your computer will try to detect the problem itself. If there are no issues found, use the recommended settings. Click the Try recommended settings option.


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