How to Save Google Drive Video to iPhone

Both Google and Apple are undeniably among the most successful and transformative companies in the world today. Google Drive is a major platform used by millions to store, share and collaborate documents. In contrast, the iPhone has swept across the globe for its looks, versatile features, ease of use, and not to forget, the extensive set of apps that come with the Apple Store. In this guide, we’ll learn how you can save Google Drive video to an iPhone. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Download & Install Google Drive on iPhone

The first thing you will need to do is download Google Drive on your iPhone and install it. The download shall take only a few seconds. It is crucial to download Google Drive on your iPhone in order to download your videos.

Step 2: Locate the video on Google Drive using Mac/ Computer

Next, you need to use your Mac/ computer to browse and locate the video you wish to download and then save on your iPhone. In case, if you find it hard to locate the video, especially if there are duplicate files, use Clones File Checker. Duplicates can make finding the original file more complicated. However, no need to worry, Clones File Checker will display a list of duplicate files with the date of creation and modification. This way, you shall be able to differentiate between the original and duplicate files. 

Step 3: Save video to your iPhone

Once you have found the required file, click on the ‘three vertical dots’ icon, underneath or next to the title. A list of several actions will pop-up asking you to select an action. You can choose to ‘Make a copy’, ‘Move’ or ‘Send a copy’ etc. In this case, you will be selecting ‘Send a copy’. Now, Google Drive will ask you to select the mode through which you intend to share the video. You can share through Messenger and WhatsApp along with several other applications. Select ‘Save Image’ below and wait for the download. 

Things to consider..

While you are downloading the video, Google Drive will ask for iPhone access. This will allow you to download and save the video to your Gallery. Therefore, remember to provide it with the right permissions. Otherwise, you will not be able to download anything for that matter. 

Although Google Drive allows you to save videos and images for online use as well, it is suggested that you download the video or image for editing purposes later on. The reason being that if you were to use the iOS’s editor that is built-in, it will only work on downloaded images and videos. You will not be able to use it in offline mode. Hence, downloading and saving videos existing on Google Drive is important. Then, you can use them for whatever purpose you desire.


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