How to Fix Error 0x80071ac3


On a Windows system, error 0x80071ac3 appears while accessing data stored on an external storage, such as your USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

Download the Diagnostic

There are certain situations when missing entries in your registry and registry corruption causes this problem. Try running a registry scan to identify if there are any such issues.

  1. Click the button below to download and install the Diagnostic
  2. Perform a Registry scan and fix any problems detected.
  3. Restart your computer.

Estimated Download Time: 10 Seconds

Perform Disk Check-Up

0x80071ac3 can sometimes be a direct result of a failed external hard drive, or loosely speaking disk sectoral issues. Use the Disk Check-Up tool to scan your external hard drive or USB flash drive for consistency and attempt to repair the same.


For Windows 10:

  1. Double-click This PC icon.
  2. Right-click the external drive (such as USB or external HDD) that fails to load data.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. In the Drive Properties dialog box, click on Tools, followed by Check.
  5. In the confirmation prompt that appears, click on Scan Drive.

For Windows 8.1/ 8:

  1. Press Windows Key C.
  2. Click on the Search icon on the Charms Bar.
  3. Type Command Prompt.
  4. Right-click from the Search Results, choose Run as Administrator.
  5. Execute the following command:
    • chkdsk F: /f /r /x

Note: Replace F: with the actual drive letter of your USB/ external HDD.

For Windows 7/ Vista:

  1. Double-click on My Computer.
  2. Right-click your external storage drive, for example, USB flash drive or external hard drive.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Click on Tools, and then Check Now.
  5. Check-up the box labeled Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.
  6. Click Start.

Disable ReadyBoost To Avoid Error 0x80071ac3

ReadyBoost is a Windows feature that speeds up your system by caching files. Temporarily turn off this caching feature to avoid 0x80071ac3 while accessing data on external storage.

For Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista:

  1. Right-click your external drive.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the ReadyBoost tab.
  4. Select Do not use this device, and then click OK.

Disable Write Protection

External hard drive 0x80071ac3 may also occur when Write Protection, a feature that disallows writing to a drive, is enabled. Disabling this feature might help.


Important: The Registry is a sensitive database. An incorrect change in the Registry can make the entire system unstable. Backup your Registry to prevent unforeseen situations.

For Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista:

  1. Press the Windows Key and R keys simultaneously.
  2. Type RegEdit, click OK.
  3. In the Registry Editor window, locate the following sub-key:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies
  4. Modify the value of WriteProtect to 0 (zero).
  5. Exit out of the screen and reboot.

Hopefully, this shall fix your error 0x80071ac3.

Check Folder Settings

You may not able to access data stored on an external device because of incorrect folder security settings. Assign the read, write and access permissions to the current user after logging-in to the Administrator account.


For Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista:

  1. Log-in to the Administrator account. To know how, please visit the Microsoft Support Center.
  2. Double-click This PCComputer or My Computer icon depending on your Windows version.
  3. Right-click the folder in question, choose Properties.
  4. Click on the Security tab.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Check-up Full Control (under the Allow column-head).
  7. Click OK twice.

Uninstall & Reinstall Device

The external device may be malfunctioning. Close all open windows, unplug the device and reinstall it again.


For Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8:

  1. Unplug your external storage device (such as an external hard disk or USB flash drive)
  2. Press Windows Key X, select Device Manager.
  3. In the Device Manager window that opens, expand the top node.
  4. Right-click your external storage device.
  5. Select Uninstall.
  6. When you’re asked to confirm, click Uninstall.
  7. After successfully removing the device in question, restart your machine.
  8. Re-plug your external storage device again.

For Windows 7:

  1. Unplug your external device.
  2. Click on Start.
  3. Select Control Panel.
  4. Click on System and Security System Device Manager.
  5. Right-click the device in question, select Uninstall.
  6. Restart your machine, and then re-plug the device again.

For Windows Vista:

  1. Unplug the external device.
  2. Click on Start.
  3. Select Control Panel.
  4. Click System and Maintenance Device Manager.
  5. Right-click the external device, choose Uninstall.
  6. Reboot your PC, and then re-plug the external device again.

Has your error 0x80071ac3 fixed? If not, follow other instructions outlined in The operation could not be completed because the volume is dirty article.


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