How To Download Spotify Music & Playlist?

Spotify is one of the key players in the on-demand music streaming industry. It has a large catalogue of music in a wide range of categories- international genres, radio, podcasts, concerts, and a variety of other genres.

Best of all, you can enjoy Spotify on almost every device– straight from your web browser, using standalone Desktop apps (Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks), or smartphone apps (Android, Windows Phone and iPhone). You can also find majestic Spotify app for your Android TV, Apple CarPlay, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft XBox, among others.

Spotify offers curated playlists based on what other people are listening in different parts of the country. Spotify keeps a track of user’s song preferences, popularity of the content based on the geographical location, mostly searched queries in order to improve the user’s experience. Spotify uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to discover user behavior, patterns and generate songs recommendations according to the user’s interest/ likes.

Spotify Free V/s Paid Plans

The free plan of Spotify comes with the hidden cost of ads, and a few limitations. It forces you to listen to ads every few tracks. You cannot download your favorite songs/ playlists. The premium edition comes into three different favors- Individual, Family and Student.

The Individual plan costs you $9.99 per month. In the Individual plan, you get access to ad-free music, on-demand playback and the offline downloads ability. You can use it for only one account though.

The Family plan costs your pocket $14.99 every month. This plan can be used by up to 6 member accounts of your family. In addition to the Individual plan benefits, you get a Family Mix Playlist that automatically updates itself with all songs that your family members enjoy.

The Student plan gives showtime, Hulu, ad-free access to music, offline downloads, and on-demand playback and costs students only $4.99/ month.

How To Download Spotify Music & Playlists With Ease?

If you’re using a free plan, it is not possible to directly download a music or playlist from the Spotify interface. However, you can use Allavsoft Video Downloader to do this job pretty much easily and painlessly.

1. Download Allavsoft Video Downloader.

2. Install and run the program.

Allavsoft Video Downloader

3. Open the Spotify website and right-click a music/ playlist that you want to download. Select Copy Artist Link.

Get Spotify Music/ Playlist Link

4. Spotify will display a notification that the link has been copied to your Clipboard.

Link Copied Notification

5. In the Allavsoft Video Downloader, head to the Download tab on top.

6. Click the Paste URL button. Allavsoft will grab your music/ playlist URL from the Clipboard.

Enter Single URL

Alternatively, you can batch download multiple music/ playlists by clicking on the For multiple URLs link-label. Enter one URL in each line.

Enter Multiple URLs

7. Optionally, you can choose to download and convert the music in your preferred file format. This is especially helpful if you do not have the required codec to play a particular music file type.

Mark the Automatically convert to box checked, and select your desired audio file format.

File Conversion Settings

8. Hit the Download icon on bottom right.

Download Button

9. Allavsoft will prompt you to enter your Spotify log-in credentials. Enter your credentials and click on Login.

Spotify Login Credentials

10. Allavsoft will ask whether to download the first or all videos in the Playlist. Click on All.

Download Prompt

That’s it. Your Spotify music or playlist download will start. You can see the progress on your screen, and work on your computer during this procedure.

Download Spotify Playlists

Allavsoft Features

  • Download YouTube, Facebook videos quickly & instantly. Supports Spotify, Lynda, Vimeo & 100+ such sites.
  • Allavsoft can batch download multiple videos, music simultaneously.
  • It offers an in-house functionality to automatically convert your downloaded video/ music to your desired file format (mp3, mp4, mov, avi, asf, 3gp, swf, wav & much more).
  • Pause & resume functionality makes it incredibly easier to download large files, even if you don’t have a stable Internet connectivity.
  • The Ad-Filter makes sure that you don’t download any advertisements while downloading a video. This saves a lot of time and not to forget, your Internet bandwidth.
  • Choose your desired download quality among best available, normal or worst.
  • Allavsoft can automatically delete original file after successful conversion to other format. This can be a great help to save your disk space.


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