How To Batch Edit Music Tags Quickly & Efficiently Using A Freeware Tool?

Music Tags are hidden metadata that help you identify music files and organize them efficiently. Music tags contain information about each file, such as the artist, year of release, it’s author, directors, producers, etc. This information is extremely helpful to search and categorize your music files. Before we head on to the steps to batch edit music tags, let us understand why it is so important.

When you download new music from the Internet, it is possible that this information is not already filled-up or some of the entries are blank. You can add music tags yourself, but this can be a lengthy, time-consuming task. Suppose, if you have large number of music files that are scattered across different partitions, folders, it may take forever to update each file. Worry not, there are ways to batch update music tags without having to manually fill-up each entry.

Batch Edit Music Tags Using Mp3Tag

A freeware tool like Mp3tag can help you manage and batch edit MP3 tags with ease. Mp3tag is not just limited to editing tags for MP3 files, it supports a wide variety of music file formats, including MP4, FLAC, WMA, OGG etc.

You can easily edit multiple MP3 music tags without much fuss. Mp3tag simplifies the entire task by automatically looking-up for metadata on different Web-based services like Amazon, Discogs, MusicBrainz and Freedb. It can also look up the relevant album art for you.

The software has an easy to use interface that primarily divides your screen into two parts- a left sidebar that displays your metadata (title, artist, albums, etc) and the large space on the right lists your files along with pre-defined metadata.

The steps to batch edit MP3 music tags using Mp3Tag program are as follows:

1. Download the Mp3tag setup file and execute it to install the program.

2. Launch the program after it has been installed.

3. Click the File menu, select Add directory.

Batch Edit Music Tags With Free Tool
Add a directory

4. Select your Music directory and click on Select Folder.

5. You should now be able to see a list of all music files on the right-hand side panel: As can be seen in the picture, no mp3 tags are associated with these files, hence Tag, Title, Artist, Album Artist and Album columns are empty.

Music files list

6. To add tags to all files in bulk, select them all. Alternatively, you can select a single file as well.

7. Fill-up the relevant information in the left-hand side panel.

Fill-up music tags information

8. Right-click your selected file(s) and choose the Save tag option to update the tags.

Save the changes

Note: Clicking the Save tag option in Step # 8 is crucial. If you do not save the tags after having edited them, the changes won’t be saved.

Bulk Remove Existing Tags

Follow the steps below to bulk delete existing music tags:

  1. Select the file(s) you want to erase the tags in bulk for.
  2. Right-click in the selected area and choose the Remove tag option.
Remove existing tags

Exporting Tags

You can export the tags by selecting your file(s), and then choosing the Export option. Type a file name, select a file type (text, html, rtf, etc), and then click OK.

Export tags to a file

Copying Tags Information To Clipboard

You can also copy the tags information to your clipboard by right-clicking the files, and then selecting Tag copy.

Copy tags to Clipboard


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