Game Crashes followed by 0xc000007b Error


According to numerous complaints posted by computer gamers, the error occurs while playing DirectX-based PC games.

The following games tend to crash upon launch with this error:

  • Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Child of Light
  • Diablo 3
  • Dirt 3
  • Just Cause 2 Multiplayer
  • The Elder Scrolls Skyrim
  • Watch Dogs

Download the Diagnostic

There are certain situations when missing entries in your registry and registry corruption causes this problem. Try running a registry scan to identify if there are any such issues.

  1. Click the button below to download and install the Diagnostic
  2. Perform a Registry scan and fix any problems detected.
  3. Restart your computer.

Estimated Download Time: 10 Seconds

Reinstall your Game

Some of the game files are missing, or it is not completely installed.

1. Go to the Settings page > System > Apps & Features, and then type the name of the game you’re encountering an issue with.


2. It should be displayed in Search Results. Uninstall it, restart the computer/ laptop so that you can go through reinstallation.


Check System Type

You may be trying to interact a 64-bit game on a 32-bit operating system environment. First, we’ll check the operating system type and then evaluate game type.

1. Right click This PC Desktop icon; choose Properties.


2. You can see the System Type under System category of the newly opened page.


3. Insert the installation media (DVD-ROM), and check out the ReadMe file. Under Minimum System Requirements you shall see supported System Type. If your game is designed for a 64-bit system type and you’re trying to run it on a 32-bit architecture, you’re likely to receive an error.

4. In the case of system type mismatch, uninstall the existing installation and obtain appropriate version.

Disable Security Software

Your system security software may be conflicting with some of the game functionalities. It may be blocking essential program components, modules or Executable Files (EXE). By turning off your security software, you can avoid reoccurrence.

1. Locate the icon of your Antivirus in System Tray area of your Taskbar. (Far right corner)


2. Right-click that icon; choose “Pause Protection” option.


3. Go ahead when you’re asked to confirm the action in a confirmation box.

Verify Admin Privileges

Press Esc key, quit it. Re-launch it with administrative privileges. Right click its Desktop shortcut; choose Run as administrator.

Configure Compatibility Options

From the File Properties dialog > Compatibility tab set the game to run in a previous Windows environment. You may, alternatively, use the Compatibility Troubleshooter wizard to fix issues arising out of compatibility issues.


Download Microsoft .NET Framework

Grab a copy of Microsoft .NET Framework from the Microsoft Download Center. You must close all running programs before starting the installation procedure.

Download Visual C++ Redist

Make sure the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files are uncorrupted. Reinstall a fresh version from the official website.

Check HDD for Bad Sectors

There may be read/ write access issues that might have resulted in the 0xc000007b error. Scan your hard disk using Disk CleanUp utility in Windows, perform repair as follows:

1. Double click This PC Desktop icon.

2. Right-click your system drive, typically drive C:\

3. Choose Properties > Tools > Check.


4. Click the button named “Scan Drive.”

Exclude EXEs from DEP

DEP stands for Data Execution Prevention, a security feature in Microsoft Windows. Depending on the game that encounters an error, you’ve to exclude is launcher file from the DEP.

1. Right-click This PC Desktop shortcut, choose Properties.

2. Click Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Settings (Performance) > Data Execution Prevention tab.


3. Choose the option named “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.”

4. Click Add button, so that it’ll come up with Open dialog.

5. Add one of the following launcher files depending on the game that encounters the error:

  • Assassins Creed IV Black Flag: AC4BFSP.exe
  • Battlefield 4: bf4.exe
  • Call of Duty Ghosts: iw6mp64_ship.exe
  • The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: SkyrimLauncher.exe
  • Diablo 3: Diablo III.exe
  • Dirt 3: dirt3_game.exe
  • Watch Dogs: Watch_Dogs.exe
  • Just Cause 2: JcmpLauncher.exe
  • Child of Light: ChildofLight.exe


6. You should see respective file into the Search Results. Select that file, click Open button.

7. Finally, save your changes by clicking OK twice.


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