Fastest Way to Automatically Delete Multiple Posts from Facebook Timeline


So you woke up from a drunk night and realized to have published so many embarrassing posts, nude photographs on Facebook, the top social media networking website? Embarrassing, isn’t it? So you are looking for a way to simply walk away keeping no trace of your past activities?

Well, cleaning up your Timeline can be a big headache. It’s not an easy job to go through and delete each post – text status, pictures, selfies, events, just to name a few. As it is rightly said, Facebook and privacy share a complicated relationship! The social media giant does not provide any mechanism, technology, an API or a feature that can automate this task for a user. Surprisingly, there is no setting that can help you come out of this situation. Deleting your Facebook activity has never been that easier.

Fortunately, third party developers have a solution. What if you could simulate your mouse cursor to acquire desired results? Third party solutions offer an incredible way to get rid of unwanted stuff from the Timeline, that too at the price of a cup of coffee!

All you’ve to do is this-

  • Fire up your profile page and scroll down to the topmost status you wish to delete.
  • Record your mouse event, i.e. click on Record and delete the topmost status manually without clicking anywhere else.
  • Select desired deletion speed. If you’re using a low-speed Internet, select the lower speed, and vice versa.
  • Choose the number of posts to auto-delete.

That’s it, the deletion will take place and may take some time depending on the number of posts selected.


  • Super easy and flexible
  • Completely Automated Task: No user intervention required
  • Complete Control: Stop the deletion at anytime
  • Supports low-speed Internet connections
  • Customization: Enables user to enter timer interval values in milliseconds
  • Alert: Plays music after successful deletion


  • You won’t be able to use your computer while the task is undergoing.
  • Sometimes, it can miss some posts due to various technical reasons ranging from slow Facebook server to Internet issues.
  • The posts you’re tagged in can create hurdle during deletion process. The process can get stuck, need to be restarted several times.


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