Experiencing Tediously Slow Internet in Mac?

Experiencing Tediously Slow Internet in Mac?

Slow Internet is a commonly reported problem by Mac users. We hear stories of people’s computers cluttered with different sorts of files that they don’t need. These records, which take up precious disk space, are indeed a nuisance. They cause the Internet slowdown and many other serious problems. Blast through your Mac’s special directories, remove these files to improve your browsing experience gradually.

Remove Duplicates, Logs and Other Junk Files

Using the One-Click feature, wipe out years of unnecessary files, identical copies of your downloads, system & application logs, browser history and other temporary files.


Remove Leftover Files

Files leftover after uninstallation of software programs drastically impact your Mac Internet browser performance. This junk is hiding into different directories of your hard disk. It needs to be cleaned as earliest as possible.

Remove Cache Content

Your browser may misbehave when the Cache – a type of unique storage location used to speed up content retrieving performance, gets corrupted. The solution is simple: Empty your cache contents to accelerate the browsing performance.

Remove Browsing History

Your browser keeps a log of all websites visited over a period. This feature which is collectively called Web History needs to be cleaned to faster the browsing performance.

Delete Old Log Files

Log files are created by Mac and installed applications to record user actions over a given period of time. These records which are temporary in nature and safe to remove, generally grab vast storage space. By deleting the log files, you are speeding up the browser performance.

Uninstall NonRequired Language Files

Mac comes with tens of language files. These files are associated with your system and facilitate displaying of different language content. It is safe to uninstall unneeded language files long as you do it in a correct manner.


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