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Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud synchronization service from techno-giant to keep your files safe and accessible online. The hosting service, which comes with both freeware and premium plans and supports over 107 world languages, was initially launched in late 2007.

Any files stored on OneDrive are ever-accessible through various cross-platforms. OneDrive offers a more secure, advanced and easy data management and collaboration platform for both individuals and businesses. Microsoft’s powerful cloud storage turns out into lower transaction costs for business organizations.

Let’s get one thing straight: There isn’t any such thing as free in this world. Everything has a hidden cost. The freeware plan has limited storage and restricted features. While most home users will opt in for the free plan, there are hordes of premium plans to choose from. If you’re willing to spend few pennies from your pocket, OneDrive is indeed a primary storage option. There is a feature which provides information about recent changes made to files, technically called as, File Versioning. As for the Office 365 users, it offers 1TB cloud storage, in addition to 15GB extra for activating an optional feature called Auto-Upload in smartphones.

Bulk Renaming Microsoft OneDrive Files

Bulk Renaming is the process of changing names of files based on various factors, such as date-time, size attributes; file contents and metadata. Metadata is information that describes contents of a file, for example, document title, keywords, subject and author.

Renaming thousands of files is indeed a tedious task. Renaming is necessary to better organize your collection of documents, music, photographs and other files. Manually renaming has its limitations. There is a need to simulate this task to accelerate the speed with predefined renaming patterns. There is no pre-installed tool in Windows. However, Microsoft PowerShell, a tool similar to Command Prompt with its scripting language, supports a limited set of renaming operations. It is not possible to rename files stored on a DVD or CD unless it is a rewritable disc. Only rewritable discs have the ability to erase, alter or write new information. You may, however, rename files stored on removable storages, such as external hard disk, phone memory card and USB stick and not to mention, Cloud Storage, where your data is stored online and is accessible from any device at any time.

Easy File Renamer- Small, yet Powerful Tool

Easy File Renamer bulk renames your OneDrive files with flexible criteria. You can do much more with this small, yet powerful tool.

  • Search and replace feature allows you to overwrite specific text from the file names. For example: Replace the word “technology” to “tech” in all 100 file names.
  • Insert information into file names, for instance, document author, date and time of modification & creation, a location of the photos taken, or any other custom text. For example: Rename DG001.jpg, DG002.jpg, …, DG050.jpg files as John_NYCity_1.jpg, John_NYCity_2.jpg, and respectively.
  • Arrange your music files in a sequence to play music in an orderly manner. For example: 001 _<Song Name>.mp3, 002_<Song Name>.mp3, and so on.
  • Change sequence of text in which file names appear. For example: replace MM-DD-YYYY.pdf as DD-MM-YYYY.pdf
  • Add incremental numbers into file names. For example: ABC 01.docx, ABC 02.docx,…, ABC 10.docx
  • Select a starting number while adding incremental numbers. For example: XYZ65.docx,…., XYZ70.docx
  • Trim spaces from file names. For example: Rename Client Profile 1.pdf as ClientProfile1.pdf
  • Shorten your file names by removing letters starting from X and ending X range. For example: Rename HD_Wallpapers_of_New_York_City.jpg as New_York.jpg
  • Remove dashes, special characters, symbols or underscore from file names. For example: Rename My_School_Memories_Video.avg as My School Memories Video.avg
  • Change text case to make file names look professional. Supports UPPERCASE, lowercase and Sentence case formats. For example: Rename abc.zip as ABC.zip or Abc.zip

Easy File Renamer is useful if-

  • You’re looking ways to insert standardized image capture date into your selfies and family photos
  • You want to sort your files in chronological order. Use the auto-numbering feature of Easy File Renamer.
  • You’re a digital photographer. You may want to bulk rename photos based on events, occasions, and clients.
  • You’re working in a team in an organization and often collaborate documents and files with your colleagues. You may want to insert author name into file names to identify the creator.
  • You’re a lawyer, and you want to set up & organize your files in an orderly manner. That is, add subject into file names.
  • You’re a passionate music lover, downloading a range of music files from the Internet. Experience the power of Sorcim’s Easy File Renamer to get rid of poorly named music files with random numbers/ characters.

Why waiting? Obtain your copy of Easy File Renamer now!

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