Easily Edit ID3 Tags for MP3 Songs


Keeping your music database organized serves as a boon on many fronts. It keeps all the tracks in our music database in a neat and tidy manner and helps us easily pick up the desired track amongst thousands of tracks. Keeping the metadata for these tracks up-to-date further simplifies things as it aids in further refining future searches. Also, having the music tracks better organized also means we can divide up our database into various sections for our convenience.

Coming back to the core topic, editing the metadata has its own huge benefits. The most common type of tags being used nowadays is the ID3 kind. Editing these tags and adding up correct info in the various fields means we either need to spare up a huge amount of time to carry out this task manually or we need to get hold of an effective tag editor that keeps things simple at the same time. Easy File Renamer fits these requirements quite nicely. Please remember that as of now, this feature is only available for MP3 tracks.

Besides providing users with the ability to rename files in huge numbers, it also lets them move/ copy files in great numbers all at a single click through Easy File Renamer’s interface. But the topic we are out to address is editing tags.


This program provides a couple of methods by which users can edit tags, Individual and Bulk.

Editing Individual Tags

Performing this task is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is add up the target songs in the respective area under the Music Fixer tab. Next, you should click the orange colored pencil icon just before each song’s name to bring about tag changes for each song. It is as simple as that! Notice in the screenshot below, there is quite a range of options you get with regards to editing metadata. Also, don’t forget to switch to other tabs in this window while editing metadata. You can even edit the AlbumArt or image for a given song/group of songs.


Once you have added up all the changes that have to be made, click the Update button. This will take you back to the main screen of the program, showing up the new changes in the respective columns. Once you are sure all the information you have added is fine, click the green Rename button in the lower right corner of the screen to actually apply these changes.

Editing Bulk Tags

Want to edit tags in bulk quantities? No problem. Easy File Renamer has a solution for this scenario as well. There can be various reasons why you need to edit tags in bulk quantities. For instance: There can be a single tag that needs to be applied to a huge number of files, e.g. Genre, Year, Artist etc. Surely enough, performing this task manually will take an eternity. But this software can bail you out by doing the trick within minutes with 100% accuracy.

Simply head over to the Music Fixer tab (like in the last scenario) and add up MP3 files in exactly the same manner. Next, click the Bulk Tag Editor button (see screenshot below).


The next window will provide you with various options that will enable you to edit tags in bulk quantities in a simple, yet efficient manner. Note that the only fields available to be edited for bulk editing are the ones that can be actually changed for multiple tracks in one go, and not the ones that absolutely vary from track to track, e.g. Lyrics.


Just like in the last case, click the blue Update button once you’re done with entering up the relevant info for bulk tag changes. When you’re sure all is well, click the Rename button and the changes will be applied to your selection within moments. It is as simple as that!


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