Easiest Way to Transfer Files across Android and PC without Glitches!


We recommend our readers to transfer files wireless since wired transfer option is not convenient during travel. The future is wireless, besides Wi-Fi transfer has an add-on benefit that user don’t necessarily have to wait till the entire task is completed. You can continue your work without interruptions simultaneously.

Transferring your Files Efficiently

Wired Transfer

1. Connect the Android phone to your computer using a USB Cable.

2. Unlock the device. You may have to draw the password pattern or enter the password if any specified.

3. Open the File Explorer, and you should see a new drive containing files stored on your Android device. Copy-paste them accordingly. Once you’re done, eject the device and unplug its USB cable.



3. swipe down from the upper portion of your screen by pulling down the notification drawer.

4. Tap USB for | Transfer files (MTP).

5. Now you shall see a File Transfer wizard on your phone’s screen. Using the drag & drop feature choose the files to move. Eject & Unplug device after successful completion.

Wireless Transfer

1. Visit the Google Play Store from the main menu, and then download any freeware app (AirDroid app is widely popular) that transfers files across Android smartphone and PC. Review the user ratings, comments, compatibility information and then install a compatible app out of many available. Check the screenshots to choose an app with a simple and neat interface.


2. Use the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature if you’re using a Wi-Fi Dongle. For more information, please contact your Internet Service Provider. Turn on Wi-Fi on both smartphone and PC.


3. Open the file transfer app that you recently downloaded. It should come with an Internet Protocol (IP) Address.

4. Enter the IP Address into your PC’s web browser and hit ENTER. For example 192.168.XX.XXX:XXXX Alternatively, you can scan the QR Code to avoid typing.

5. Now you should see a screen with instructions to accept connection on your device. All you’ve to do is tap the Accept button in the prompt that appears on your Android phone.


6. After accepting the connection, you should see a toolbox on the right-hand side on the website. Click the “File” icon.


PC to Android Transfer

Locate multiple files you wish to transfer. The actual transfer speed depends on the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

Android to PC Transfer

Right-click the file you would like to transfer to your PC, select the Download option.

Reduce Clutter and Better Organize your Phone Storage

When it comes to organizing your files, it is important to clean up storage to save space and make the device run faster. Duplicates cleaning has many advantages given below. The task is fully automated; you don’t have to compare and pick up dupes.


  • Searches duplicate music, videos, images, documents and archives.
  • Accurate scan results
  • No need to hesitate even if you delete an important file. Backups let you restore deleted dupes at any time.
  • Spend less time organizing your library
  • Optimize the device performance
  • Avoid little storage space notifications
  • Avoid app crashes, and sluggishness caused by insufficient storage

Duplicates Removal Process

1. Download Clone Files Checker and install it.

Click here to download Clone Files Checker.

2. Add the drives/ folders containing your files. Use the list box on the left.


3. Customize the scan. Choose to scan all files or custom files such as images, music, videos, and archives; and then start the process.

4. Once the scan is completed, you shall see a new dialog with two options namely Quick-Fix and Review & Fix.

5. By selecting Quick-Fix, you’ll be prompted to choose newer/ older file version and then take action.

6. By choosing Review & Fix, all data results will be generated in a list box. Click the “Select Duplicates” button, and then take action.

Choosing an Action

There are different options to process dupes, viz.

  • Delete duplicates permanently: Removes all dupes permanently — with/ without backup
  • Move duplicates to Recycle Bin — Sends all dupes to the Recycle Bin so that you can review them later
  • Move duplicates to a new folder — Moves dupes from multiple directories to a single folder

Restoring Backups

To restore a backup, all you’ve to do is click the “History” tab, choose a recent scan and then click the Restore button. You can delete old backups to save space.



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