Duplicate Files in Google Drive Are Indeed A Nuisance


Google Drive has been a continuation of Google’s philosophy to always exceed expectations. Whether it’s about saving files to the cloud and downloading them to another computer or collaborating with many coworkers at a time on a single file, Google Drive helps people do all these tasks just with a few clicks.

Saving files on the cloud rid people from worrying about any data loss due to a sudden technical fault that might put their HD to sleep forever, and take away with it precious troves of data! Also, data on the cloud is always encrypted and is always safe and secure. These are some of the many good enough reasons that people around the world are switching in increasing numbers to cloud technology with every passing day.

One of the biggest problems people unintentionally land themselves in, as far as Google Drive is concerned, is regarding duplication. This issue mostly affects those individuals who have saved a lot of data on the cloud. Looking for and removing any dupes manually can be a very tiring and frustrating job, which is certainly not advisable.

Luckily, there is an elegant tool called Clone Files Checker that can solve all these woes within a few clicks. Just patiently wait for the scan to be over, and it will provide you with certain options before going on with the actual duplicate deletion process. Here is the process broke down into details:

1. Download and install Google Drive from here.

2. Once it is installed, wait for the synchronization process to finish.

3. Download and install Clone Files Checker from here.

4. Once CFC has been installed, go to desktop and right-click on the Google Drive icon.

5. Choose Scan With Clone Files Checker from the drop down menu.

6. Once the program launches, select All Files from the search option (Under the History tab).

7. Press the Start Search button.

8. The search will depend on a number of files you have stored on your Google Drive.

9. Once the search is completed, you will be presented two options. You can opt for Quick Fix or Review & Fix. The former will let you choose whether to delete the newest / oldest dupe while the latter will lay out the results for you to manually take action on each dupe.

10. Just choose the method you desire.

11. Clone Files Checker will get rid of your duplicated files.

12. Once the files have been deleted, make sure you sync your Google Drive again for the changes made on Google Drive’s computer client to be replicated on the cloud.

That’s it. Getting rid of cloned files on the cloud might have seemed to be a daunting task to you, but it is no more than a few clicks.


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