Don’t Lose Your Favorite YouTube & Facebook Videos Again

It is no secret that many video websites including YouTube pull down videos due to targeted copyright strikes, or sometimes due to violation of their Community Policies. If you find some interesting videos online, you should probably consider downloading it to your PC. This way you won’t lose access to the video even if it’s deleted by the original content creator.

With Allavsoft Video Downloader, you don’t have to worry about losing that favorite video again. Just download your videos locally and get easy and unlimited access even if the original video and all of it’s traces are no longer available on the Internet.

Allavsoft is much more than an average video downloader. It offers many add-on features to convert and manipulate your videos with ease. This small yet powerful tool is available for both Windows and Mac users at a reasonable price. Here are some of its distinct features:

Download Videos From Hundreds of Websites

Does your Internet connectivity drops consistently? Worry not. Simply download your favorite Internet videos and watch them offline at your convenience. Allavsoft supports downloading videos from the world’s hundreds of popular video sharing websites including YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Deezer. Kissasian, Lynda, and many more.

Convert Downloaded Videos To Other Formats

Each video hosting website hosts videos in different formats. You may not have the right codecs or media player to open that video. Allavsoft has an in-house Video Converter that takes care of this known issue. Just select the your desired file format and Allavsoft will automatically convert the video after successful download. You don’t have to spend out your hard earned money to buy an expensive Video Conversion utility.

Convert Videos To Other File Formats

Choose An Optimum Video Quality

Allavsoft doesn’t force you to download videos in the original quality. You enjoy the freedom to choose your desired video quality. Allavsoft supports different video resolutions including 4K 4096p, HD 1080p, HD 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p.

Video Quality Settings

There are different factors that you should take into consideration while deciding your output video quality. These factors are as follows:

  • Free Storage: Downloading high-quality videos may require larger space compared to normal and low-quality videos. If you’re running into a low disk space issue, you should probably consider downloading videos at normal or lower quality.
  • Video Quality: If you want to enjoy the best video experience, consider downloading them at higher quality which is mainstream these days.

Download, Convert & Process Videos In Batch

With Allavsoft, you can batch download and batch convert multiple videos simultaneously. Just set everything at once and take a cup of coffee! You don’t have to sit in front of your computer desk waiting for hours for each task to complete.

Batch Download Videos

Breakpoint Resume & Ad-Free Experience

Allavsoft intelligently opts out any digital advertisements into the video to provide you seamless ad-free experience.

Video Resume Functionality

Should you experience any Internet connectivity issues during your video download, just resume it. You don’t have to download the entire video again.

Merge Two Or More Videos

When I said Allavsoft is much more than a video downloader, I actually meant it. Allavsoft enables you to merge two or more videos into a single file with no need to download or purchase another Video Editing utility. Add multiple files, choose your desired output file format and kick-off the task to let Allavsoft do it for you!

Merge Multiple Videos Together

Trim & Shorten Your Videos And Do Much More

Downloading a Hollywood movie online (that you rightfully own)? Get rid of the long opening credits and stick with the rest of the movie content that matters. Trimming is recommended to start off the video quickly and make it easier for your audience to engage and stick with it. Allavsoft also let’s you increase or decrease the volume, if you need.

Trim Video


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