Deleting Old Posts from Facebook Profile


A student of Harvard University is a founder of world’s largest social networking website Facebook. At the age of 23 years, Mark Zuckerberg, a keen computer programmer launched “The Facebook.” Around 1200 Harvard students signed up within a day on Feb 2004. Over half of the undergraduate students had a profile after one month.

In 2005, the company purchased domain for $200,000 and dropped “The” from its name. Even Yahoo and Google had desired to buy Facebook, a free social network, for around $2 Billion but Mr. Zuckerberg refused to sell.

Facebook allows users to chat, manage profiles and pages, poke, send gifts to friends, play games, develop own applications, and advertise products.

Want to Get Rid of your Old Posts?

Facebook offers a single platform to access all photos, notes, and status. As a Facebook addict, you might notice your timeline may go notoriously bad for reminding you of old things you’ve published in the past. You might want to get rid of the dark history of your activity and start from scratch.

Option # 1: Hide All Old Posts

The built-in solution in Facebook enables users to hide all old Facebook posts. However, your tagged friends, friends of friends can still be able to see the posts. However, you cannot remove tags from multiple posts.

1. Click the Downward icon on the upper right corner of your profile.


2. Select Settings.


3. Click the Privacy tab.


4. Click Limit Past Posts under Who can see my posts?  section.


5. Click Limit Old Posts button to confirm.


Option # 2: Delete All Old Posts

1. Fire up your browser, and load your Facebook profile.

2. On the right corner of your Search box below the Friends List, click on the Settings icon.


3. Select Turn Off Posts Tabs.


4. Download and install Vikas Bulk Posts Deleter.

5. Click Record Event.


6. Manually delete the top-most status. Do NOT click anywhere else, nor scroll down or minimize your window.

7. Select a speed and specify the number of posts to automatically delete.

8. Click Delete. Do NOT use your computer during deletion.

9. After successful completion, release the mouse cursor by right-clicking anywhere on your screen.

Video Illustration


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