Delete Dupes to Enjoy Uninterrupted Movies/ Video Playback

The Internet has become an enormous video collection – from comedy shows, TV shows, animated scripts, classical & rap music to digital HD movies. With the availability of video streaming services and faster & efficient Internet connections, it has become easier to download anything at one’s convenient time.

A standard quality 15-minute video can take up to 20 MB of your space. Just think of storing bulk HD movies! Though you have a large enough hard disk, it inevitably becomes a big challenge to organize it well and keep the content junk-free. It is particularly the case when you use torrents, YouTube downloader, file backup services. Over times, the free space keeps decreasing which in turn, negatively impacts the overall system performance.

Dupes scattered across different partitions, folders can eat up tens of GBs of your storage space. Searching duplicate movies/ videos can be an extremely time-consuming process. You’ve to be extremely careful while dealing with a large collection as you can end up deleting something important. It’s simply impractical to go on comparing each file.

Microsoft Windows comes with a preinstalled tool called Disk Clean-Up that analyzes and deletes temporary files, temporary Internet files, system cache, installer extracted files, Recycle Bin contents, and other stuff, but it lacks duplicate cleaning feature. So what do you do? Ever wondered how to reclaim your lost storage space? Read on.

There is a smart way to deal with this problem — using a duplicate cleaning utility. With a few clicks and without taking a bit of effort, you can recover several GBs in a matter of few minutes! Sorcim’s small, yet powerful tool is specially designed to find duplicate movies, videos, and automatically compress & backup files before deletion, so there’s no worry to lose anything accidentally! It’s smart algorithms match names, file contents, tags, timestamps, size, and other attributes of various popular file formats. Moreover, you save money off the cost of buying an external storage device (external hard disk, USB flash drive) or subscribing to an overpriced cloud hosting service. So don’t wait until your hard drive becomes full! The days of having a mass dupes are gone!


  • Incredibly superfast, easy to use and pre-configured with best settings
  • Get the job done at lightning speed with accurate results
  • Painless scanning process
  • Drag & drop interface; user don’t necessarily have to flip between multiple windows
  • Supports all popular movie, video file formats

Simple 5 Step Solution

1. Download Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker.

Click here to download Clone Files Checker.

2. Select the drives, folders you want to scan. (List box on the left)


3. Check-up “Videos” checkbox after choosing “Custom” scan option.


4. Start the scan and let CFC do the task automatically for you!

5. After successful completion, you’ll be prompted whether to automatically select and take action on all dupes, or accumulate results in one place for reviewing. Choose the option that best suits your needs.



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