Is EGO VPN a Reliable VPN App? Review of the Most Secure VPN for iOS


Even if you already use a VPN on your desktop or laptop, don’t overlook the importance of a mobile VPN to protect your personal data on your smartphone. From downloading torrents and streaming TV shows without geo restrictions to preventing thieves and hackers from accessing sensitive browsing, personal, and bank info, you need a powerful VPN to shield your digital data.

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How To Find Duplicate Raw Photos .rwz (Rawzor), .srw (Samsung), .x3f (Sigma)


Raw images are unprocessed image files produced by digital cameras. They contain various types of information about your camera’s sensor, metadata.and color patterns .rwz, .srw and .x3f are some of the popular Raw image file formats. We’ll discuss them in detail and the steps to get rid of any duplication and organize them in a better way.

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Seraphinite Solutions Post DOCX Source to Wordpess


First, let’s understand what WordPress is. At the moment, in order to create your site or be its administrator, It is not necessary to have the education or skills of a programmer. In this case, it is easiest to work with special engines for administration and creation of websites. Such web-complexes are equipped with a pleasant interface and easy to use.

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How To Download Spotify Music & Playlist?


Spotify is one of the key players in the on-demand music streaming industry. It has a large catalogue of music in a wide range of categories- international genres, radio, podcasts, concerts, and a variety of other genres.

Best of all, you can enjoy Spotify on almost every device– straight from your web browser, using standalone Desktop apps (Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks), or smartphone apps (Android, Windows Phone and iPhone). You can also find majestic Spotify app for your Android TV, Apple CarPlay, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft XBox, among others.

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Don’t Lose Your Favorite YouTube & Facebook Videos Again


It is no secret that many video websites including YouTube pull down videos due to targeted copyright strikes, or sometimes due to violation of their Community Policies. If you find some interesting videos online, you should probably consider downloading it to your PC. This way you won’t lose access to the video even if it’s deleted by the original content creator.

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Duplicate Disc and Media File Extensions


Have you ever wondered about how many duplicate files are residing in your computer’s storage? Have you ever paid enough attention to the fact that such duplicates might be consuming a huge portion of your computer’s memory? Never? Well, you better give it a thought now. At times, these might even cause your device to become slow or lag. 

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How To Batch Edit Music Tags Quickly & Efficiently Using A Freeware Tool?


Music Tags are hidden metadata that help you identify music files and organize them efficiently. Music tags contain information about each file, such as the artist, year of release, it’s author, directors, producers, etc. This information is extremely helpful to search and categorize your music files. Before we head on to the steps to batch edit music tags, let us understand why it is so important.

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2 Things You Should Do Before Publishing Pictures Online

Nowadays it’s all about online representation and visual content. However, there is always a risk that someone will steal your images and use them for their own benefit.So, what should you do before posting pictures online? First, you have to watermark them. A watermark is a text or a logo, which you superimpose onto your … Read more

Using Autodesk Maya? Here’s How To Improve Productivity & Creativity


Autodesk Maya is an industry-leading 3D animation software popularly used for rendering high-quality 3D cinematic animations in films, animated films, video games, and television programs. It has a whole set of digital drawing papers, colorful brushes, different sized pencils and erasers. The history of Maya dates back to 1998 when it was originally designed by … Read more

Memory Stick Duplicate Files And Photos


Memory Stick is a type of electrically erasable flash memory. It is a small, portable, durable and reliable device that carries your information. You can connect it to almost every electronic equipment including computers, laptops, tablets, DVD players, television sets, among others. Memory sticks are often referred to as USB flash drives, pen drives and … Read more