Can Google Docs Files Be Renamed Automatically?


One of the easiest and efficient ways to keep your files organized is to name them correctly. Naming helps divide the files into sub-categories and improves the workflow and saves time

There are times when we are in a rush and we just don’t deem it important to name our files in a way that will help us remember them later on. What this does is: fill folders with random file names that make no sense. This makes it hard to remember which file was which and even harder to shift these files into other folders.

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How to Save Google Drive Video to iPhone

Google Drive video to iPhone

Both Google and Apple are undeniably among the most successful and transformative companies in the world today. Google Drive is a major platform used by millions to store, share and collaborate documents. In contrast, the iPhone has swept across the globe for its looks, versatile features, ease of use, and not to forget, the extensive set of apps that come with the Apple Store. In this guide, we’ll learn how you can save Google Drive video to an iPhone. Let’s begin.

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Rename Multiple Photos At Once By Adding Single or More Numbers


We often capture images and carry out photoshoots with our friends and family members, using our smartphones or professional cameras. In spite of the image-quality being top-notch, you cannot avoid ending up with dozens of files with convoluted names. This makes it really difficult to identify which file is which and therefore, you might end up spending a lot of time searching for the right photo. You do not need to worry anymore as we are going to share some handy tips to rename multiple photos at once, only by adding a single letter.

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Three Popular Methods to Download Udemy Online Videos to MP4, AVI, MOV & Others


As a famous American online learning platform, Udemy has helped many individuals improve their skills and reach their goals. Are you also a learner who wants to learn some specific Udemy courses to pursue your dream and download some Udemy courses for offline watching? If so, this article will help you learn three different methods to download your preferred Udemy online courses on a PC/ Mac. Let’s begin.

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Turning On/ Off Files On Demand in OneDrive And Preventing Duplicate Files


OneDrive is an internet-based cloud storage network with a vast chunk of the room that Microsoft provides free to those with a Microsoft account. It is also accessible to those having registered windows ten operating software. Think of it like a virtual hard disk that you will swap with several additional perks tossed in. One of the most significant advantages: OneDrive works smoothly on Windows 10 with all features and benefits.

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Top 3 Tips For Developing A Killer Essay About Technologies

Essay on technologies

Most of us cannot imagine a single day without a computer. The more technology evolves, the more accessible are a variety of devices that simplify people’s lives. This also applies to computers, which currently provide amazingly fast processing of information. The modern business makes full use of information technology. This allows you to store critical data and effectively manage it. Large firms create their own databases, which provide information about employees and keep records of their employment. Unique information technology allows a person not only to produce any product but also to treat a variety of diseases. All kinds of devices are able to examine every cell of our body to help the doctor identify the problem at an early stage. That is why writing an essay about technology is so interesting. We will tell you which topics will be best for your essay on technology and how to get a good grade.

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Automatically Rename Multiple Folders in Windows 10


If you are a student or a working professional, I bet your computer is full of all types of files scattered across various folders. It’s quite likely that when you download something from the internet or save and name a file quickly, the file is given a random name. The same can happen with folders.

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Map Network Drive to Google Drive

Map network drive to Google Drive

Mapping network drives to popular cloud storage drives is the latest trend. Initially, syncing files used to be the default way of storing and sharing files but now, mapping network drives has caught on with time.

At first, the process of mapping might look tricky but if you have the right tools, you will surely become familiar with it in less than no time. Mapping a network drive to Google Drive is particularly helpful when it comes to saving space on your hard drive.

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Rename WinSCP Files Easily and Quickly


Users of the WinSCP clients often run into problems because of files in a total disarray both on the local and the remote server. Organizing all your files and properly naming them before you transfer them can reduce this problem to a great deal, but going through each file on your own would be a very hectic task. This is where you need an automated solution to tackle the problem of renaming files in bulk.

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Rename Printer Files On Your Computer


Whether working at an office, or at your home, every once in a while the need to print PDFs, documents or photos does arise. These files can either be one of your own creations or sent to you by someone. You need to save these files to your computer before printing them out. Oftentimes you give these printer files meaningless names and these can accumulate in your storage.

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