BSOD With Error 0x00000116 Several Times In A Day


Does your computer constantly crash with the Blue Screen of Death with an error 0x00000116? As Microsoft describes it as a Video TDR Error, this phenomenon may occur for several times in a day, which can be quite irritating. Worry not; here are few solutions that might help fixing your issue.

Download the Diagnostic

There are certain situations when missing entries in your registry and registry corruption causes this problem. Try running a registry scan to identify if there are any such issues.

  1. Click the button below to download and install the Diagnostic
  2. Perform a Registry scan and fix any problems detected.
  3. Restart your computer.

Estimated Download Time: 10 Seconds

Reinstall Graphics Driver

A graphics card is fixed on to a relevant slot on your motherboard. Graphics driver enables your computer to use the graphics card hardware. It enhances your computer’s graphics including images, 3D images, videos, and animations.

  1. Press Windows Key + X, select Programs and Features.
  2. Right-click your Graphics card driver, select Uninstall option.
  3. Follow the on-screen wizard.
  4. Restart your system after successful completion.
  5. Delete the following folders:
    • For AMD: C:\AMD
  6. Download the fresh setup online and install the graphics driver again.

Update your System To Fix BSOD 0x00000116

An unexplained malfunction occurs when your system is not updated. System updates fix flaws in your operating system and other software installed on it.

  1. Click Start, select Settings.
  2. Click Update & Security | Windows Update tab.
  3. Start the update check-up.

Attempt to Fix Disk Issues

0x00000116 error might occur because there are errors on your hard drive. The basic disk checking utility in Windows can be a life saver.

  1. Open up the Command Prompt as Administrator. To do so, type CMD in the Search Box. Right-click Command Prompt icon, select Run as Administrator.
  2. Execute the following command:
    • Chkdsk /f

Perform System Restore

Using System Restore you can revert your computer to an earlier point in time. You can choose from a set of user-created and automatically generated restore points.

  1. Right-click This PC icon on your Desktop.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click Advanced system settings.
  4. Click the System Protection tab.
  5. Click System Restore.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select a recent restore point, and then click Next.

Update System Drivers

You might want to try updating all of your drivers one by one.

  1. Press Windows Key + X, select Device Manager.
  2. Expand the top node.
  3. Right-click a device you would like to update, select Update driver software.
  4. In the same manner, update all of your device drivers.

Scan for Malware

This issue can also be caused by a malware infection. It is always a good idea to update your Antivirus software on regular basis to keep the virus definitions up-to-date. Full scan your PC including the External HDD, if any.


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