Best Free Alternative For Photoshop That You’ve Never Heard Of

Best Free Alternative For Photoshop That You’ve Never Heard Of

If Adobe Photoshop appears too difficult for you to understand, then you will love the easy-to-use interface in PixTeller.

PixTeller comes with a range of fantastic templates to turn a simple image into great photos. Make canvases, cards, icons with tons of fantastic fonts, colors, filters, and animations.

PixTeller is a free browser-based image editor that provides graphics designing experience of a special kind.

This fully featured free alternative for Photoshop can produce a wide variety of images such as brochures, web graphics, brand logos, drawings, social media posters & covers, book covers, postcards, marketing materials, and business cards, just to name a few.


PixTeller provides awesome colors and transparency effects. You may use them to build inspirational quotes and backgrounds. Use the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency.

Beautiful Colors

The developers of PixTeller anticipated designing needs of clients and came up with cool add-on features that are typically not part of a Desktop-based image editor.

With premium plans, you get a collection of 150,000 royalty-free stock photos.

Photos And Illustrations

The premium plan provides added 100,000 embedded shapes to turn your simple image into an awesome, memorable graphic.

Unique Shapes

PixTeller comes with a combination of simple, edgy, old style, traditional serifs, transitional, and casual fonts that are enough to give your design a modern touch.

Select A Font Of Your Choice

PixTeller has innumerable templates. You may use them to create your own animations, GIFs, and videos. Choose a pre-made animation template of your choice. Edit the text to give your own touch and uniqueness.

Animated GIFs

A general drawback with other Desktop image editing tools is that they take storage space on your hard drive and make your PC or laptop run slower. Worry not, PixTeller has no such issue. Create expressive arts and designs with no need to download any special image editing tool on your Desktop. The online image editor saves your work online and you can access it from other devices with just one-click. You won’t lose single graphics even if your laptop stops working!

PixTeller Web Interface

If you’re the administrator of Facebook pages or manage social media websites as part of your business, you don’t have to dig out transparent social media icons in Google. They are just a click away!

Insert Social Media Icons

The developers of PixTeller make sure you’re always updated with the latest features and patches. As a cloud-based platform, there’s no hassle of manually updating your Desktop-based software.

Why Waiting? Grab Your Free PixTeller Account Today!


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