Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows


Duplicate files occupy a large space of your hard drive and make backups too large to deal with. A Duplicate Cleaner scans your hard disk for identical images, music, videos, and documents. Clone Files Checker is among most reliable and efficient duplicate cleaners I have come across. Some of the prominent program features are as under:


Fuzzy Matching Algorithm

The fuzzy matching algorithm makes it easy to find images that are very similar in nature. Scan for rotated, modified, resized images for duplicates. It is powered to identify slight differences in image and music files.

Folder-based Scan Filters

It comes with many search customization features to include/ exclude partitions, directories, and subfolders.

File Size-based Scan Filters

Assign file sizes to exclude from the scan i.e. files larger/ smaller than specified size.

Scan Types

There are several scan methods, viz. scanning duplicates by filename, text or date of creation. In the case of music files and images, music tags and picture similarity are used respectively.

Accurate Results

The results are very accurate, and duplicate files are listed in an orderly manner in a list box. By checking-up “Select all duplicate files” check box, all of your duplicates will be chosen at once. Alternatively, you may choose individual files.

Easy to Use

The user interface is pretty simple for newbies and non-tech savvy users. Various program features are arranged in a tabbed manner.

No Spyware, No Junk Toolbars

Unlike many other programs on Internet, it won’t install any spyware, junkware, unneeded toolbars and stuff.

External Drive Scan

In addition to scanning internal hard drives — both primary and secondary; it supports scanning the external hard drive, USB flash drive and any other removable media connected to your PC.


Adding folders containing duplicates


Scan Type Selection


Processing Results (Scan Progress)


Click here to download Clone Files Checker.


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