Three Popular Methods to Download Udemy Online Videos to MP4, AVI, MOV & Others


As a famous American online learning platform, Udemy has helped many individuals improve their skills and reach their goals. Are you also a learner who wants to learn some specific Udemy courses to pursue your dream and download some Udemy courses for offline watching? If so, this article will help you learn three different methods to download your preferred Udemy online courses on a PC/ Mac. Let’s begin.

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Automatically Rename Multiple Folders in Windows 10


If you are a student or a working professional, I bet your computer is full of all types of files scattered across various folders. It’s quite likely that when you download something from the internet or save and name a file quickly, the file is given a random name. The same can happen with folders.

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Is EGO VPN a Reliable VPN App? Review of the Most Secure VPN for iOS


Even if you already use a VPN on your desktop or laptop, don’t overlook the importance of a mobile VPN to protect your personal data on your smartphone. From downloading torrents and streaming TV shows without geo restrictions to preventing thieves and hackers from accessing sensitive browsing, personal, and bank info, you need a powerful VPN to shield your digital data.

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Seraphinite Solutions Post DOCX Source to Wordpess


First, let’s understand what WordPress is. At the moment, in order to create your site or be its administrator, It is not necessary to have the education or skills of a programmer. In this case, it is easiest to work with special engines for administration and creation of websites. Such web-complexes are equipped with a pleasant interface and easy to use.

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Memory Stick Duplicate Files And Photos


Memory Stick is a type of electrically erasable flash memory. It is a small, portable, durable and reliable device that carries your information. You can connect it to almost every electronic equipment including computers, laptops, tablets, DVD players, television sets, among others. Memory sticks are often referred to as USB flash drives, pen drives and … Read more

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Vs Clone Files Checker

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder (ADFF) happens to be one of the most-renowned free duplicate finding tools currently circulating in this competitive market. It is a great tool to swiftly remove junk files from your computer and recover some precious storage space. It has a simple user interface, which makes it highly convenient for personal and … Read more

Sweep Clean The Flash Drive Duplicates


We all have been using removable storage media for a long, long time. Previously there used to be floppy drives, which were useful but they used to get corrupt very quickly. This led to the invention of the pen drive or the Flash Drive. These devices are extremely helpful in transferring large quantities of data … Read more

Remove Duplicate Libraries in Windows 10


The impressive thing about the recent versions of Windows is the ability to group the important files into various categories, and also keep them together without actually having in the same place, and for that Windows uses this special folder known as the Library. The groups in the main Library are known as Libraries. By default, there are Camera Roll, Documents, Music, Pictures, Saved Pictures & Videos as Library folders. The different between the traditional groups in My Computer and the Library groups is the Library group can contain various scattered folders whereas the traditional groups in my computer can only link with one folder. However, sometimes due to various reasons duplicate folders of the same Library category may appear, and this tutorial guides how to remove duplicate libraries in a convenient way.

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Duplicate Files in Google Drive Are Indeed A Nuisance


Google Drive has been a continuation of Google’s philosophy to always exceed expectations. Whether it’s about saving files to the cloud and downloading them to another computer or collaborating with many coworkers at a time on a single file, Google Drive helps people do all these tasks just with a few clicks.

Saving files on the cloud rid people from worrying about any data loss due to a sudden technical fault that might put their HD to sleep forever, and take away with it precious troves of data! Also, data on the cloud is always encrypted and is always safe and secure. These are some of the many good enough reasons that people around the world are switching in increasing numbers to cloud technology with every passing day.

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