A Smart Way to Organize and Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Music Files



  • An active Internet connection
  • iOS-based device (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod)
  • Windows PC
  • A USB cable to transfer data

Synchronizing your Library

Step # 1: Download iTunes

1. Visit the iTunes Download Page on Apple’s official website.


2. Specify whether you want to download 32 bit/ 64-bit version. To know your operating system and processor type, open the “System” tool using the Search Box of your Start Screen. You shall see required information in System > System type. Still, if you aren’t sure, contact your system administrator or directly download the 32-bit version that typically runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.


3. Start the download and wait till it finishes. Install the program on your PC.

Step # 2: Connect your Device

1. Connect your iOS-based device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) to your Windows PC using a USB Cable.

2. Now it’s time to locate your connected device. To do so, click the Device icon on the upper left corner of your iTunes 12 and then select your device. In the case of earlier versions, select the appropriate device from the drop down box displayed on upper right corner. Hiding the sidebar from View menu may help, in case it doesn’t show.


Step # 3: Review Availability of Items for Sync

You shall see different items under Settings category in a new panel at the left side of your screen. The items may include Summary, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Tones, Audio Books, Photos, Info, and so on. Remember, the number of items may vary depending on the content stored on your device. For example TV Shows may disappear if no TV shows are found on your device.


Step # 4: Customize Sync

  1. Click an item (for example: select “Info” to synchronize your phone calendar, contacts); and check-up the box labeled “Sync” on the right page.
  2. In the case of “Music” item you will be prompted to synchronize entire library, or choose custom genres, artists, albums; include or exclude music videos, voice memos. These customization settings may vary for different items.

Step # 5: Go Ahead & Sync!!

It’s time to begin to sync your content from iPhone/ iPad/ iPod to your computer. Click the “Sync” button and relax!

Note: This article does not cover information to synchronize email accounts, bookmarks, and notes stored on your iOS-based device.

Deleting Dupes & Organizing Your iTunes Library

Searching your iTunes library for duplicate files is crucial. Duplicate content eats up precious space, makes your device slower and takes longer time organizing your library.

  • Clean copies in few minutes
  • Choose One-Click clean-up or review each item
  • Recovers large space occupied by dupes
  • Supports cleaning duplicate music, videos, images, archives, and documents.
  • A powerful scan engine with smart algorithms for accurate results

The Quickest Way

1. Download Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker. Install it on your computer.

Click here to download Clone Files Checker.

2. In the “Scan Mode” drop-down box on the upper right corner, select “iTunes Search” option.


3. A confirmation prompt shall appear on your screen. Read that and click OK.


4. Click the “Start Search” button to conduct a full scan for dupes.


5. Please wait till the scan is performed. Don’t worry; it won’t take longer.


6. Done? Great, now you shall see “Quick-Fix” and “Review & Fix” buttons on your screen. The former automatically takes action on all dupes; while the latter lets you review each dupe and take action accordingly.


7. Upon clicking “Quick-Fix,” you’ll be prompted to select a file version. Specify whether you want to remove newer/ older version of duplicate files; and then take action (Delete permanently, move to Recycle Bin, or move to a new folder).


8. Upon clicking “Review & Fix,” a list box shall appear with a list of all duplicate files. Check-up the dupes you would like to remove using “Select Duplicates” button, and then clean them.



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