2 Things You Should Do Before Publishing Pictures Online

Nowadays it’s all about online representation and visual content. However, there is always a risk that someone will steal your images and use them for their own benefit.So, what should you do before posting pictures online?

First, you have to watermark them. A watermark is a text or a logo, which you superimpose onto your images to state that you are the author. For maximum protection you have to create watermark the right way. It should be positioned in the center of the picture. Never position watermark in any of the corners of your image, because then it can be easily removed or cut off.

Secondly,  your watermark should occupy approximately 30% of your image. You can make it semi-transparent, so it wouldn’t take away all the attention. The best and easy way to watermark your pictures is to use the batch watermarking software – Visual Watermark.  It offers a diverse toolkit with over 200 fonts, 66 effects, multi-element templates, multi-line text, easy-to-use interface and protection against automated watermark removal. You can even save the template of your watermark to use later. This software will help you create a truly unique and stylish watermark in just a few clicks!

It is also important not to post high resolution images online to maximize protection, even if you watermarked them.  You can use this Image Resizer to quickly batch resize your images in your browser. All you have to do is upload your images, specify the output setting and download resized copies. Your original images won’t be altered. When your pictures are watermarked and resized, it is safe to post them online.

How To Use Visual Watermark?

1. Download and install Visual Watermark on your PC/ Mac.

2. Drag over the photos in the main interface to apply watermark.

Visual Watermark software

3. After adding images, Visual Watermark will display your photo previews. Click on Next Step on the upper right corner of your screen.

4. You’ll be greeted with the options to add text or an image logo. For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s click on Add Text.

Watermark Options

5. Now, specify your text on the right hand side panel. You can also adjust the font, color, size, add transparency effects or rotate the text.

Add A Text Watermark

6. You’re just a step away from batch watermarking your images. Simply set your Output Folder where you would like to save your processed images and then click on Watermark Photos.

Set Output Folder

7. Finally, once your images are automatically processed, the results would appear on your screen. You may also export your watermark template for future use.

Processed Images


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